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Are you writing your dissertation but avoiding working on the literature review? This is inadvisable, but definitely understandable, considering the literature review demands an immense amount of time and effort. Actually reading all the different studies and research related to your area of study is the easy part. Then you have to organize it coherently, discuss what you learned, explain how it is relevant to your dissertation, and what gaps you found in the literature that your research is trying to address. Whew!

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If summarizing other research sounds too annoying when you are having enough trouble grappling with your own research, did you know you can buy your dissertation literature review online? Prescott Papers is here to help! We have years of experience with all kinds of dissertation writing, including literature reviews, and all for the best value in the business! So if you are looking to purchase your dissertation review you have come to the right place. If you think you can handle it yourself, first read this article to find out exactly what a literature review entails. At the end of it you might say, “Do my dissertation literature review, please!”

Before starting your literature review, it is a good idea to figure out how you want to organize it. Not only will a clear plan of organization make it easier to write, it will also make it easier on the reader. There are several common ways to organize a literature review. However make sure you do not organize it chronically by the order you came across the research, or by author name. Such an approach will turn what is supposed to be a “review” into a list of names and studies. This will almost definitely result in a boring literature review that has no flow or coherence.

Historical: Start with the first major work (or if the history goes back too far, a date you choose) and describe how subsequent research built on or refuted it, and how your research is relevant. This will illustrate that you understand the foundations of topic area and knowledgeable about the most recent research.

Theoretical Approach: Group studies according to which theoretical approach or research philosophy they use, such as positivist, interpretivist, etc. Then explain where your research fits.

Methodological Approach: Group studies according to the methodology used. Make sure to explain which methods you employ and which you avoid, and your reasons for both.

Hypotheses of your dissertation: It is possible to organize the review based on how the literature supports your hypotheses. Research that seems to contradict your work should also be mentioned, along with why the contradiction is not relevant in your case.

Whatever style you choose, every literature review must accomplish some specific goals. It must explain what you learned from the research, its relevance to the dissertation, and how your research attempts to fill in some gap(s) you found in the literature. It should also justify your desire to study the specific topic covered by your dissertation.

It is important to remember that, for the most part, the literature review is not about your work. Its purpose is to act as a reference guide that you can refer to later in the dissertation to help explain a point. The biggest exception to this rule is the part explaining how your research fits into the existing literature. You also should mention specific links that may exist between studies mentioned in the literature review and your own dissertation. For example, “I replicated this study in my research which is on page X....

Don’t forget that you should also review some research that helped inform your theoretical approach and research philosophy. (It is important to note that only the parts of that research still open to debate belong in the literature review. If you want to discuss something especially technical or an accepted fact, it belongs in Methodology.) There is no rule ascribing this section to a certain place in the literature review. However, there is a strong argument for putting it before you discuss research pertaining to your field of study. This way you can cite information you already covered as justification for beliefs you have pertaining to specific studies.

Finally, you are entitled to exclude certain studies, as long as you provide proper justification.

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