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i never have written a dissertation before in my life. that is why i pick this service for help. at first we worked on talking about the project and what the topic will be and such. they were friendly and did not make me pay for just talking about the dissertation. we are working on full paper now and i am writing some part their writing some part too and then they edit the part that i do and i let them know if any changes needed for what they wrote for me. it is not done all the way at the current time so still a little to finish up. the literature review methodology and first four chapter are done now all good quality

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Writing a Dissertation

If you think it’s ridiculous to purchase a dissertation, first use this article as a checklist to see if it’s feasible for you to complete the entire project by yourself. It may compel you to say, “Do my dissertation, please!”

  1. Abstract: A fancy name for the summary of your dissertation. Necessary elements include an introduction, background of your area of study, the research hypothesis, a list of methods and results, and the conclusion.
  2. Literature Review: An analysis of literature related to your dissertation topic. Within this analysis, you must describe what you learned from surveying the literature. It is not enough to simply summarize the research literature. You must also demonstrate you know the relevance and significance of each publication, and how they relate to each other and your dissertation. For example, it’s common to discuss what theories are well supported regarding your topic, and what questions have not been fully answered. The literature review will differ depending on your particular subject. For the arts and humanities, following the above criteria is sufficient for your revieFor the sciences, you also must also discuss the topics and methodology of the studies and experiments you include in your revieYou also must remember that the literature review is an essay, and must follow proper essay format. For example, the opening paragraph needs to introduce a theme that the body paragraphs develop and support with evidence. The body paragraphs must also provide a well developed critical summary of the works you are discussing. Finally, the literature review needs to end with a strong conclusion that ties together all your arguments about the current state of scholarship regarding your area of study.
  3. Methods: This section describes your research methods. For dissertations in the sciences, here is the place to clearly explain how and why you collected data, along with a data analysis that explains how your data is organized. Attention to detail is critical in the methods section, as this should be able to function as a guide to anyone who wanted to replicate your study. Since humanities dissertations do not necessarily feature experiments that can be replicated, it’s sufficient to explain where you conducted your research and with what sources. For example, specific libraries, institutions and collections; microfilm; interviews; primary sources; etc.
  4. Results: What are the results of your research? In this section you have to present and explain the results and data you obtained through studies or experiments, as well as from the research you conducted. Obviously most humanities dissertations are not going to feature experiments that produce data, but you should still explain important results of your research.
  5. Interpretation and Recommendations: This is the most important section of the dissertation, as here is when you must summarize the entire study and present your conclusions. If applicable to your dissertation, you should also include ways your research could be used in the real world, and additional research that could be conducted to build upon your findings.

Do you think you can cover all that by yourself? If so, good luck! If not, it might be worth it to buy your dissertation, or at least part of it, and save yourself immense amounts of time and frustration.

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