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Have you completed all of your dissertation research? Congratulations! That is quite a big step toward completing the entire project. Now comes the hard part though-- writing the results section of your dissertation! If the previous sentence makes you want to buy your dissertation results online then you have come to the right place. Prescott Papers is the most respected authority in dissertation writing. Our expert team can write your custom dissertation results chapter exactly to the specifications you need.

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Submitted by Brian on 16 April, 2015

Some people believe that all they have to do with the results chapter to is copy and paste their results and get on with the rest of the dissertation. If you are one of these people, you should purchase your dissertation results online from Prescott Papers.

If you try to write the results section, don’t make the mistake of making it into a long list of numbers. Your results section must necessarily include a lot of data in charts and tables, but if that is the only way you present and talk about the results, you are going to make it very boring for the reader. It is your job to present the results in a compelling way that stimulates the reader’s interest and makes him or her excited for the discussion chapter.

Yet you also must avoid placing elements in the results chapter that belong in the discussion chapter, another common mistake that many students make. An easy way of thinking about this is that the results section simply presents the data, while the discussion section analyzes the data and explains why it is important and why it matters.

The results section is where you want to provide context and background for the data you are presenting. Without this information it is hard for the reader to fully understand your results. For example, you may need to explain how you ascertained the relationship between your sample and the overall population, and which independent variables (the aspects of an experiment that change and which affect the dependent variable) you chose to employ.

Some more important bits of background information are the strengths and weaknesses of your results in terms of how well they answered your hypotheses and advanced understanding of the research question. If your results did not confirm your hypotheses, or only partially so, report it in the results section, but leave an in depth analysis of why that happened for the discussion chapter.

It is also good to mention any issues you had collecting the data, along with how it affected the rest of the research. It is good to be as transparent as possible. Experiments and studies are a messy business. They often do not go as planned. There is no shame in this, but there is shame in trying to cover it up. Again, quickly report the issues the the results chapter, and leave an analysis of their impact on the overall study for the discussion chapter.

An important decision you will have to make is whether you present charts and tables as part of the narrative flow of the chapter or relegate them to appendices, or use both strategies. Make your plan clear at the start of the chapter, and justify your reasons for adopting it, so the reader will know what to expect. When making this decision approach it from the reader’s point of view. Will adding the table or chart “in line” (that is, as part of the chapter) help or hinder the narrative flow and cohesion? If you think it will, put it in an appendix. However be wary of relying on appendices too much, as constantly flipping from the chapter to an appendix is sure to make life difficult for the reader. If you do place some of your data in appendices, make sure to learn how to use the automatic cross referencing feature in your word processor. Trying to set up the appendices manually is tedious and could result in costly mistakes where you link the wrong data to a certain point you are trying to make in the chapter.

If all of this makes you want to pull your hair out, call Prescott Papers right away! Not only will you save your hair, but you will get a one hundred percent original results chapter at the best value available anywhere. So get your custom dissertation results online from Prescott Papers and let us do the work for you!

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