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Is your academic burden getting heavier than you are willing to carry? Are you struggling to research and write the large number of essays and research papers that you have been assigned? Are you in danger of getting an incomplete in a class? Or maybe your professor threatened to fail anyone who did not get their papers completed on time.

We’re here to help. We understand that professors have gotten into the habit of requiring so many research papers from students that it is next to impossible for students to complete all their written assignments on time. Some students are taking a heavy load of classes. Others may need to work in order to pay for tuition and rooming. In any case, most students do not have enough time for everything.

Whatever the reason, we are your reliable partners for custom essay writing services online. We will write a 100% original paper and have it ready for you before your class deadline.

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Most of my orders have been for gen ed classes that I'm not interested in. Have placed a few orders for more specific classes, though, for my main degree program in nursing. It has been a relief that they can match up each order with an appropriate essay writer. Hmm... what else? I did request a minor edit for one paper to change remove an older (12 yr old) citation and to replace it with a newer one, which they did for free. Support is fast, usually within the hour I'll hear back. All in all a really excellent company.

Submitted by Molly D. on 22 April, 2015

What Types of Papers Do We Write?

Our custom writing essay service can meet all of your writing needs, whether high school or college undergraduate or graduate:

  • essays for any level

  • research papers

  • case studies

  • lab reports

  • theses and dissertations

  • business reports

  • marketing materials

  • resumés and CVs

  • articles and blog posts for the web

Why Choose Us?

You may have looked online at custom essay writing services that promise to help you with your essay writing needs. And now you may be feeling overwhelmed by all the choices. You have probably noticed that the home page of many of the websites have lots and lots of errors in grammar and English usage. If they can’t make their home page perfect, how in the world will they be able to write an excellent essay for you?

Well, you have finally arrived at the right custom essay writing service online. Our promise to you is that:

  • Your paper will be error free.

  • Your paper will be 100% original – no plagiarism.

  • All the citations and bibliography will conform to the style manual of your choice – APA, Chicago, MLA, or whichever one you prefer

  • Your paper is not a recycled version of someone else’s work.

  • Your paper will belong only to you. We will never re-sell or re-use it.

  • Our price is the lowest possible for the excellent quality that we will deliver to you.

  • Our excellence is demonstrated by the number of satisfied and returning clients.

  • Our writers are native English speakers with Master’s or PhD degrees in a wide variety of fields.

How to Proceed

The procedure to start working with us is very straightforward.

  1. Give us instructions. Fill out the order form on our website with as much information as possible about the paper to be written. Please attach the instruction sheet from your professor if you have one, along with any relevant readings.

  2. Once you have placed your order, you will receive an invoice that you can pay easily by clicking the PayPal button.

  3. Your paper will be assigned to the most appropriate writer on our staff. You can now sit back and relax. You will be able to track the progress of your essay, confident in the knowledge that your expert writer is scrupulously researching credible sources to write a paper that will go above and beyond the requirements from your instructor.

  4. Once you receive an email notification from us that your paper is ready, you can login to your account to see all the assignments we have done for you. Download your completed paper, and turn it in on time.


The time needed to write your quality essay will be determined by the length that is needed and the amount of research that needs to be done. We are aware, though, that you probably have a deadline looming that you cannot change. We are accustomed to that kind of proviso and maintain a great amount of flexibility so that we can meet whatever turnaround time you need.


Your personal details and your paper are completely confidential. We will never divulge any information about you or your paper to anyone outside of our organization. Everyone in our company has signed a confidentiality agreement that legally binds them to keep all of your personal data private.

Our internet is equipped with state-of-the-art encryption so that all documents being transmitted to or from our office are also completely private.


We will not be satisfied until you are 100% happy with the paper we have written for you. You will have the opportunity to look at your paper throughout the writing process to ensure that the writer is following your intentions completely.

In addition to your ability to monitor the ongoing work of your writer, we have a system in place to review your paper before you are notified that it is complete. We believe that a fresh set of eyes will catch any possible inconsistencies or errors before the document is turned over to you.

We guarantee that the writing you receive from us will be exactly what you want. If there is any part of the paper that you are not satisfied with, just let us know, and we will revise it until you are satisfied.

Our company thrives on repeat business and word of mouth. You will not return to us or tell your friends about us if we do not fulfill our guarantee to you, so you can be sure that we will not be satisfied until your paper is exactly the way you want.

Please contact us to discover how we can help you with your essay writing needs.

Still Want to Learn More About the Best Essay Writing Service on the Internet?

College students nowadays have to write a lot of essays, and they often have very little time to do so, due to other assignments for their classes and their desire to have a social life. Generally, people want to spend their college years building up friendships with people and having fun at various functions. They don’t want to spend all their time at college doing work for their classes. Plus, it is harder to meet people and make friends once you graduate from college so that is another good reason to develop friendships during college.

This is the main reason why custom essay writing services have grown in popularity. College students are busier than ever before. There is not one college student that has not stayed up all night at least once working on a paper or studying for an important exam. Students also use these services because they want to get great grades, and maintain a good Grade Point Average. A lot of college programs require you to maintain a minimum GPA. Plus, potential employers can look at your GPA when considering you for that important first job out of college.

It is important that students choose the custom essay writing services that are right for them. Using the service that works for them can benefit students in many ways. But, custom essay writing services online that provide quality work that is free of plagiarism is extremely important. There are online essay writing companies out there who will charge a student the cheapest price. Then, they will give that student a lousy piece of writing that’s been copied off the web somewhere.

Prescott Papers is a fine example of a custom essay writing service. Students can rely on the custom essay writing services provided by Prescott Papers because Prescott Papers uses Ivy-League graduates and professors to write their essays for them. These scholars know the important of original content, and will never engage in any plagiarism. It ensures students that they will get an essay that is well written and formatted to their exact standards.

The Prescott Papers website has samples of writing that they have completed for previous students. One of those samples is an essay comparing two classical music tracks, titled: Music 301 Discussion Board Post. You can find the essay here: https://www.prescottpapers.com/samples/MUS301--Portland-State-University-PSU--Discussion-2:-The-Famous-Guy-and-the-Other-Person.php . Here is an excerpt from that essay that demonstrates the level of writing you can expect from Prescott Papers:

For this discussion board post, the lesser known composer of the Classical period that was chosen is Franz Schubert. This composer was born on January 31st, 1797 and died November 19th, 1828. The father of Franz Schubert was Franz Theodor Schubert. The mother of Franz Schubert was Elisabeth Vietz (McKay, 1997). Franz Schubert lived and worked in the Classical period, the same time during which the “Big Three” composers were working and alive. While the overall influence of Franz Schubert is largely agreed to have been less significant than the “Big Three” composers of the era, this composer wrote various pieces of music that continue to be known into the present day, even if they are heard less often than some of the better known pieces of music written by other composers known from the Classical era of music. Franz Schubert is known for musical work including symphonies, operas, vocal music, and various other contributions. In particular, Franz Schubert was known for his work by others living in his home city of Vienna, Austria (McKay, 1997). He was introduced to Mozart’s work studying at the Stadkonvick (McKay, 1997). Similarly to various other musicians, Schubert is considered to have not been particularly well known during the active years of his short life span; however, he came to larger attention after his death in 1828.

After reading the above excerpt, are you intrigued enough to want to learn what the other benefits of using Prescott Papers for custom essay writing services online are? Well, here is a list for you.

  1. Each essay order you place with Prescott Papers comes with unlimited editing and revisions, for free. This means we can work with you starting with the first draft of your essay. We’ll incorporate any changes in your essay that you request. Of course, our writers will carefully revise and edit any essay they write for you.

  2. Are you not sure if our custom essay writing services are worth the money? You can start off using our services with no money upfront. You can preview the work we complete for you before you buy it. We do this because we want you to feel you are making the right decision in paying for your services.

  3. Every communication and transaction you have with Prescott Papers will be strictly confidential. We will never give anyone your information.

  4. We even accept rush orders for our custom essay writing services, which is great for those students who put off writing their essays until a few days (or less even) before it’s due. We’ll even have the finished essay delivered electronically to you within the same day, or in less than 24 hours. Best of all, there will be no sacrifice on quality.

  5. There are representatives at Prescott Papers who are available by phone and email for support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you have about our services and to check on the status of your custom essay order.

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