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Arguments and Refutations: Speech and Debate Class

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Prescott Papers completed a debate case for a public speaking and debate class. It had kind of a complicated format which was a little worrying because I needed to make sure that whoever wrote the case could do it right. I knew that I wouldn't have time to edit because of my schedule. Anyhoo, it looked right and I presented my case in class today.

Submitted by 'Kesha' on 13 May, 2015

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When you pay for an argumentative essay, you might be tempted to go with a budget service. This is definitely the time when cheapest is not necessarily the best. You run a high risk of these providers simply copying large chunks of other scholarly papers and pasting them together for your essay. These essays will fail the most basic plagiarism screening tools. When you hand them in for marking they will inevitably be rejected by your maker.

Extensive research is required

Argumentative essays always require extensive research so that a considered opinion can be argued. This means sifting through previously written papers and articles as well. You then have to be able to demonstrate in your argumentative essay why you consider each viewpoint to be valid or not. You need to be able to provide your arguments in a rational and well-written manner which requires a considerable investment of your time and energy. When you pay for an argumentative essay, you should expect that the required exacting research will be made using thorough methodology on your behalf. It must be able to provide you with the strong background which is required to make these arguments. We take pride in our research capabilities and rational argumentative skills, and enjoy knowing the difference that this will make to your essay.

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More About The Argumentative Essay

The Argumentative essay is one of the most involved essays, even though it’s still shorter than a research paper. For an argumentative essay, a student analyzes a topic and argues a position on that topic. First, they need to do their research. The ways they can do this are:

  1. Reading books and other published material related to the topic

  2. Performing observations, surveying people, conducting experiments and doing interviews.

The focus needs to be on facts. Also, opposing points of view need to be researched because they need to be acknowledged in the essay.

Second, students need to analyze findings from that research that helps them prove the particular position they are arguing. This is why a lot of detailed research is needed. They need to effectively prove that their position on a topic is the correct one. Personal opinions and feelings have no place in an argumentative essay.

The purpose is to learn all they can about the topic and the different points of view. Then, with the supporting evidence from their research, effectively establish in the essay why one position on a particular topic is the best one.

The Argumentative Essay in Action

For example, a student could write an argumentative essay arguing that animals should not be used for research. They argue this against the opposite point of view that animals can be used for research. To help prove their point, they can get research that states the negative effects this has on animals and how animals are treated in testing laboratories. For the purposes of this argumentative essay, the student would focus on all kinds of animal research, including scientific experiments.

The student conducts the research and finds facts that help prove:

  1. How animal research can be cruel and inhumane

  2. That there are alternative methods of research available that don’t involve animals.

That is just one example. The New York Times also has about 200 prompts for argumentative writing, listed here: http://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/02/04/200-prompts-for-argumentative-writing/. This shows the broad base of topics that can be covered in an argumentative essay.

The Time Factor

But maybe you are reading through this process, and understand it, but you feel you don’t have the time to write your argumentative essay. Let’s say you have 3 exams to study for, and tons of reading to do. You’re just not good at managing your time. Could you buy an argumentative essay online? Yes, but if you buy a finished argumentative essay at one of those essay depositories, you would risk plagiarism.

Benefits of Having a Custom Argumentative Essay Written for You.

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  1. You’ll get quality writing written by an Ivy-League graduate or professor. That way, you’ll have someone who has experience writing these argumentative essays and knows how to effectively argue a particular point about a topic. You’ll also have someone who specializes in the topic that your essay is about. For instance, if your argumentative essay is about whether or not politicians have moral obligations to fulfill, a political science scholar can write that essay.

    These scholars even work with you to determine what evidence from your research to use. They know how to structure the paper to make it work; being that they are familiar with the different writing styles.

  2. When you buy an argumentative essay from Prescott Papers, it will be a custom argumentative essay. It will be an original, with writing that cannot be found anywhere else. The exception to that rule is the inclusion of a quote or fact from a particular source you used for research, but that will be carefully cited.

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