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In a comparative essay, you compare two or more topics. A topic can be an item, idea, person or event. Most college professors will only ask you to do a comparison between two topics. The two topics are always connected in some way as well, allowing you to write about both their similarities and differences. Some professors will require that you compare the two topics in order to make a case for or against one of the topics. Other professors will require just a comparison, with no argument involved.

Compare & Contrast Essay Enlightenment & Romanticism

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The Process of a Comparative Essay

As with any other type of essay, your comparative essay must follow this process:

  1. Pre-writing: Before even writing your comparative essay, you need to conduct research on both of the topics that you are comparing. You need to know as much information about each topic as possible so you can come up with ways to compare them.

  2. The Writing stage. Your comparative essay can be one in which you just discuss the similarities between the two topics. It can be an essay in which you just describe the differences between your two topics. This works for when you have to argue for, or against, one of the topics. Finally, a college professor can request that you focus on both similarities and differences between your two topics.

    When you write your comparative essay, it needs to have the basic introduction, body and conclusion structure. This is written about in detail below, taking into consideration the common requirement for a discussion of both similarities and differences.

    In the introduction, you need to show the main similarity as well as main difference between the two topics that you are comparing by stating an overarching point between your two topics. Your audience needs to know at this point which similarities and differences between the two topics you will be discussing, and which ones will not be discussed in the essay. This is also where you can state that if this essay will focus on you stating a preference for one of the topics, or if you will just discuss the significance of each topic.

    The body of your comparative essay is where you will discuss in detail the similarities and differences that you have chosen from your research to discuss.

    The conclusion just brings this information all together and reminds your readers of the point you are trying to make in the essay.

  3. Editing and Revision: Your comparative essay will not be perfect the first time you write it. You will undoubtedly need to make changes to your comparative essay, and will have at least two or three drafts.

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