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A creative essay is a piece of creative writing in which you can use imaginative ways to express yourself. This is why the creative essay is written from the author’s point of view. The purpose of a creative essay is to express yourself. You get to demonstrate your emotions and personality to your reader, and show your true self through your writing. The reader should feel as if they know you personally after reading your creative essay.

A creative essay is much like an autobiography, except in a creative essay, you would only talk about a significant period in your life, not your whole life. You just don’t have the room for all that information. Your creative essay can also just be about a subject that is interesting to you. This means your creative essay can still be focused and concise.

experimental art writing

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cool essay. was supposed to be super experimental and it definitely was. the little word art thing was cool and def experimental... ascii i think its called

Submitted by Cait on 06 February, 2016

How to Write a Creative Essay

You should follow this process when writing your creative essay:

  1. Choose a subject that is either from your own life, or just a subject you can have fun with.

  2. Brainstorm ideas about the subject by coming up with questions about it and answering them.

  3. Write a thesis statement about the subject of your essay.

  4. In the introduction, you need to introduce the subject to your audience. It needs to begin with a statement that is eye-catching and stands out. The thesis needs to be included in the introduction at the end.

  5. The body will consist of three paragraphs that detail three main points about your subject. These paragraphs will need to be connected with transitions.

  6. The conclusion is where you will state what you have learned from writing this creative essay and what the reader can learn from it. The idea is to have your reader think about what they’ve just read.

  7. Proofread the essay to check for spelling and grammar errors. You’ll also need to make sure that your writing is concise, and that the phrases you used effectively show the story to the reader. Also, each paragraph needs to be in chronological order so that they logically lead up to the conclusion of your creative essay.

For example, the topic of your creative essay can be about your high school graduation day. In the first paragraph of the body, you can go back to the beginning of your senior year and detail the start of your journey. In the second body paragraph, you’re now in the fourth quarter of your senior year, making preparations for your graduation. You get more excited as it looms closer and can barely concentrate on your classes. The third paragraph of the body showcases the actual graduation. Through the entire essay, you give an imaginative account of your senior year, leading up to your graduation.

Even though the creative essay can be a fun essay to write yourself, some college students will still buy a creative essay online from an online custom writing company. They do this mainly to have more time to work on other assignments for their classes. Writing a creative essay can be time consuming because it still needs to be written in the traditional essay writing format.

Also, there are students who are not confident that they can write creatively enough to get a good grade on these essays. They feel if they pay to have a professional writer do the work for them, they will get a better grade from their professor.

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