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A critical essay is an essay that describes your attitude regarding a book or short story. In this essay, you analyze, interpret and evaluate a book you’ve read. This is a common assignment in literature courses, but can be assigned in other types of college courses as well

Your critical essay will differ depending on whether you are dealing with a fiction or nonfiction book. But in your critical essay, you need to do two main things: summarize and evaluate.

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First, you need to summarize the author’s point of view. For a nonfiction book, the following questions need to be addressed in this summary:

  1. What is their main idea of the book?

  2. What are the important facts the author uses to support their main idea?

  3. What are the values that they are expressing in the book?

  4. What are the recommendations for action that the author has?

For a fictional book, you would summarize the main characters, plot and climax of the story. You would summarize the important events and conflicts in the story that drive the plot.

Then, you need to evaluate the author’s work, meaning that specific book that you’ve been assigned to read. For a nonfiction book, you need to determine if the facts presented in the book are correct and how relevant they are to the main idea of the book.

For a work of fiction, you would evaluate the following:

  1. The way the author presents the plot of the story

  2. The way the story itself is structured to show how the events in the story lead to the climax.

  3. You would also look at how the main characters in the story are developed and the conflicts between the characters that are relevant to the main plot.

Some professors, when you write a critical essay on a book, will require that you narrow your essay down and only discuss a major aspect in the book, not the entire book. This helps you write a more focused paper, and you can connect the points you make to each other. So, the summary part of the essay will start off as a general summary of the entire book, and you would narrow it down to the specific aspect of the book that you will evaluate in the remainder of the essay. The evaluation would be just on that aspect, and the points you make about that part or feature of the book need to be connected.

A critical essay is an objective essay. Your opinions and feelings about the book are not included in the essay. The claims you make about the book need to be backed up with evidence from the book itself. You can also use evidence from criticism written by other literary experts.

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