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An expository essay is an explanation and evaluation of a particular topic. The point is to write about the topic in an objective way, without including your personal opinions and feelings. You are not trying to argue a particular point in this essay like you would in an argumentative essay. It is an unbiased piece of writing.

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The Expository Essay

This is how the basic structure of an expository essay should go.

  1. The introduction includes your thesis, also known as your main idea, and opening statements. These opening statements should be a preview of what you are going to be discussing in the body of your essay.

  2. In the body, there should be facts and information from your research on the topic. Yes, research will be required for this essay. It is the only way you can get objective facts and not include your personal point of view.

  3. The conclusion is a summary of all the points you made in the body.

For example, a student has to write an expository essay about the history of a building on the university campus. She can use the following process in writing this essay.

  1. She needs to do the research about the building itself. She can locate literature and articles about the history of the building in the university library. She can gather the facts and make an outline of what she is going to discuss in the essay. That outline will be built around a thesis, which she’ll also need to establish at this point.

  2. She’ll write the actual essay, following the structure that was discussed earlier. She’ll need to write about her research in a logical way. She cannot include her own opinions about the building itself.

  3. After writing the expository essay, she’ll have to edit it so that it is free of spelling and grammar errors, has correct word usage and is concise. She can even have someone else do this part so she can get an objective point of view on her work.

There is also an example of this type of essay on prescottpapers.com. It’s titled: The Evolution of Maya Angelou’s Religious Views. It can be found here: https://www.prescottpapers.com/samples/Maya-Angelou--I-Know-Why-The-Caged-Bird-Sings--Religious-Views.php . Here is an excerpt from the work:

When Maya Angelou openly laughed after seeing Reverend Thomas’ teeth being knocked out by Sister Monroe, who had been “caught by the spirit” (Angelou 43), for the first time in her life, she openly expressed her incongruence with the beliefs of her paternal grandmother’s religion and the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church. This action represents a significant step of author, poet, and writer Maya Angelou’s process of separation from the religious beliefs that she had been taught over the course of her life.

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