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The informal essay is without a doubt the most entertaining essay you can write in college. It has a very relaxed style. This type of essay is personal, because you, the author, bring your own opinions, observations, and humor into the writing. You have the freedom to get creative and show your personality when you write an informal essay.

In fact, the informal essay can even be written as a fictional story. You would still write about a real-life event or person. But it will read like a made up story, with a characters, a plot and a climax. This is one way that you use your creativity on this type of essay.

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The informal essay is usually written in a conversational style. You write as if you are speaking directly to the reader over a cup of hot cocoa and a plate of cookies. For example, if you are writing an informal essay about a special pet you used to have, you can write it as if you are speaking to someone in person about that special pet. You can include the emotions you have about that special pet in your writing in order to demonstrate those feelings to the audience.

But even though you are writing an informal essay, your professors will still require you to maintain a strong, but less rigid, structure.

This structure will still have to include:

  1. An introduction that introduces what or who you will be discussing in your informal essay. If it is written as a story, this is where you’ll introduce your reader to the characters and the plot.

  2. A body that illustrates the main points you want to discuss about your topic. This could be the main details of an event that you are remembering or the characteristics of a special person that used to be in your life.

  3. A conclusion that briefly summarizes what was discussed in the essay. You would basically conclude the discussion about the person, event or thing that your informal essay is about.

The topics you can write about in an informal essay vary greatly. For example, you can write an informal essay about a trip you took to Europe one summer or you can write about a particular day in your past that stands out to you personally.

For the trip to Europe essay, you could write about when the trip happened, and why it took place in the introduction. Then, in the body, you could discuss three fun, significant and unusual events that happened on this trip. The conclusion is where you would write about the ending of the trip, and summarize the three points (the events).

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