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The purpose of an informative essay is to educate your audience about a topic. For example, you can educate them how to replace the hard drive in their laptop. Another example of an informative essay involves the comparison and contrast of two American presidents, John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. You would inform the audience of the factual similarities and differences between the two presidents.

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How to Write an Informative Essay

The following is the process you should follow when writing an informative essay.

  1. You need to select a topic. It helps if you pick a topic that you have some knowledge of already. You’ll have to consider your professor’s requirements when choosing a topic as well. Also, don’t pick a topic that is so narrow, you can realistically only write a paragraph on it. You can’t go too broad with your topic, either.

  2. You need to research your topic and gather accurate information to put in the essay. An informative essay is factual, so researching is an important step. You need to use sources that are written by experts. Don’t use sources from internet sites like Wikipedia for this type of essay.

  3. After you’ve done enough research and made your notes, the next step is to create an outline. This is where you will plan on the organization of your informative essay. If your outline is detailed enough, the next step after this one should be easy.

  4. That next step is to write your informative essay. Your essay needs to follow the basic essay structure. First, there’s the introduction, where you introduce your topic that you will be giving information on and state your thesis.

    Secondly, there’s the body of the essay, which should contain three main informative points about your topic. These informative points will need to be related in some way so that your essay naturally flows from one point to the next.

    Lastly, the conclusion summarizes the main points discussed in the body and includes a restatement of your thesis.

  5. The last step in this process is to revise your informative essay. Not only does your essay need to be free of any errors in spelling and grammar, it will need to have correct word usage and logical flow. You will need to make sure it Is formatted correctly per your professor’s instructions

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  6. Let’s say you are still undecided about using our services. You are thinking: “Those benefits sound promising, but maybe it will be better to do my informative essay myself.” Well, we offer a risk free option at Prescott Papers. You can try us out first with no obligation to pay. If you don’t like our services, you can walk away and not pay any money to us. But, we are confident that you will like our level and quality of work that we can produce. That’s why this is an option we can offer to our potential customers.

To finish, let’s go back to the initial first benefit I bought up when I started discussing using Prescott Papers for informative essays. I stated that people use services such as Prescott Papers to write their informative essays because it saves time. By using Prescott Papers, you can use more time to spend on your other coursework, study for your examples and to simply relax. This is, to many students, the most important reason why Prescott Papers is a great custom writing service.

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