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A literary essay focuses on a specific work of literature. The purpose is to write an analysis on one or two aspects of a book. It is important that you focus on aspects that are not too narrow, as you will need to establish three connecting main points based on those aspects.

Analysis of Frost's Prose

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In order to analyze a book, you’ll have to read and examine it critically first. You’ll need to understand the overall plot and theme of the book before you can narrow it down to the part of the book that you will be discussing in your literary essay.

Once you’ve read and critically examined the book, you need to decide which aspects of the book you will be focusing on for your essay. You do this by breaking the whole story down to its individual parts. These individual parts could be the imagery used in the story, or a particular theme.

Once you decided on the focus of your essay, you need to come up with your thesis statement. This tells your reader what they can expect from reading your literary essay. It is a statement of the main point of your essay. If there is no thesis, the rest of your literary essay will be chaos, regardless of how well you organize it.

Once you have your thesis, you can begin the following steps.

Write out an outline for your literary essay

In this outline, you will lay out what will be discussed in the introduction, body and conclusion. This is where you can make notes of certain passages in the book to use for evidence to back up your claims. This is a necessary step because it helps you organize your essay.

Start writing the essay

First, the introduction must capture the attention of your audience. You need to come up with an eye-catching opening statement or question. The introduction must contain the title of the book that you are writing about, and the name of the author. Typically, the last sentence of the introduction is your thesis.

Second, the body of your literary essay must include three or more main points about the aspects of the book you are writing about. Each of these main points must be in their own paragraph, with a topic sentence that states the main point. Then, you will explain these main points and support them with textual evidence.

Finally, the conclusion is where you will remind the reader of your thesis, which will be written here in different words. It is also where you will summarize your main points and let the reader know somehow that the essay has ended.

As you can probably tell from just reading above, it can take time to write an excellent literary essay. A student may have to read certain parts of the book two or three times to ensure they know what is going on in the story.

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