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The narrative essay can be a fun essay because it allows you to express yourself in writing that is personal, as well as experimental and creative. The purpose of a narrative essay is to write about a personal experience that you’ve had in the past. It is called a narrative essay because it’s often written in story form, with the following story conventions: plot, settings, characters, the climax and the ending. The other characteristics of a narrative essay is the descriptive language, dialogue (if written as a story) and the incorporation of conflict (a basic factor in any good story) and sequence.

A personal narrative

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Strong paper at the end of the writing process. The only nitpicky thing I have is that it can be a bit tricky coordinating narrative projects in particular if they're based on a true story. I liked the first draft, which just needed a few tweaks to make it line up with my real life. They helped me set up an extension to the project to make some tweaks based on the new info I gave them about my life and even waived the costs to be lower that they normally would be for this new writing. My recommendation for anyone who's buying a paper about a personal story is to try to be specific to make sure they have the info the first time through.

Submitted by JDP on 01 October, 2015

The Narrative Essay

This type of essay does not require the higher level of thinking that other types of college essays require. But even though most narrative essays are written as stories, they still have the basic introduction/body/conclusion structure that is the standard in all college essays.

  1. The introduction should start off with something that grabs your audience’s attention. This is also where you will introduce your story and set the scene. You will introduce the characters in your story, the setting, and the time and place that it is occurring. This is where you will also make it clear that this is something that really happened to you. Most professors and instructors, when they assign narrative essays, will require that you write about something you actually experienced.

  2. The body is where you tell the bulk of the story. You do this by showing the reader, through vivid and descriptive language, what is happening. You don’t just tell them what is happening. This is where you need to think back on the event you’re writing about and incorporate what you felt with your senses during the event: the sounds you heard around you, the feel of something beneath your feet, the smells that you experienced and what you saw.

    The events that happen in your narrative essay need to written chronologically, just like in a story. Finally, there needs to be a connection between the paragraphs in the body.

  3. The conclusion is where you conclude the narrative essay. It is where you’ll also spend time analyzing your experience that you’ve just written about. You can go into detail about the lessons you learned and the effect the experience has had on your life since it happened.

As you can see, writing a narrative essay can be fun, but can also take some time. If you ever think: “I wish I could ask someone to do my narrative essay,” then you are not alone. It is possible to buy a narrative essay online. The best place to buy this type of essay is Prescott Papers, a custom writing service.

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