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Like many other college students, you probably have to write a lot of essays. These essays are tedious and time-consuming. When you have to spend time writing those dreaded required essays, this takes time away from other activities that college students enjoy, such as sports, going out to bars, and hanging out with friends. Plus, depending on the subject, they can be boring. Now, I can just picture you agreeing with me, but saying you need to write that essay to get a good grade and pass the course. Hey, I’m not telling you to not turn in the essay. After all, your college GPA is important. Among the most common type of college essays is persuasive essays.

COMM 339 - Persuasion

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I bought a Persuasion Ethics paper with the topic of "Write a short paper (2-4 double-spaced pages containing a clear thesis and the usual introduction, body and conclusion) that analyzes the ethical problems presented in ONE of the ethics cases available for this assignment". Delivered to my email with some time to spare. I am thinking about using them again in the future when next term starts.

Submitted by Lee H. on 30 January, 2016

Picture this scenario. Tom and Bill, two students at a local university, are taking a break from skateboarding in a nearby park.

Tom: Dude, I got an 18-page essay to write that’s due in three days. I don’t know how I’m going to find the time to get t dome.

Bill: What’s it about?

Tom: The topic is about homeopathic medicine. I’m supposed to write a persuasive essay explaining why this can be a better choice of treatment than traditional medicine.

Bill: How far along are you?

Tom: I haven’t even started the paper at all. I’ve done most of the research on it. I’m stressing out because I don’t know how I’m going to find the time to do it.

Bill: Hey, you don’t have to find time. Have you ever heard of Prescott Papers?

Tom: No, what is it?

Bill: It’s a professional writing service that specializes in college essays. You can pay for a persuasive essay. If you complete the rest of research and give it to them, they should have a completed essay done for you in no time.

Tom: So, I can pay someone to do my persuasive essay? That’s amazing. It will save me so much time.

Bill: Exactly. Plus, they have experts in almost every field, including medicine. We’re talking Ivy League here, dude.

Tom: Awesome! No more all-nighters!

As you can see in the above scenario, there is another easier way to get those required persuasive college essays done other than staying up all night to do it yourself. With Prescott Papers, you can buy a custom persuasive essay online that meets the requirements that you set out. By buying a custom persuasive essay, you can be sure that it will meet the highest quality standards.

Here are the other benefits that happen when you purchase a persuasive essay online at Prescott Papers.

  1. Content that is free of plagiarism: When you purchase a persuasive essay from Prescott Papers, you’ll get content that is 100% unique and plagiarism free. It’s a guarantee that the material in your custom persuasive essay will not have been used on another client’s paper or on another website.

  2. Elite writing: Prescott Papers employs experts, including graduates of Ivy League Programs and college professors, that specialize in numerous subjects. When you buy a persuasive essay online, it will be written by a person who is an industry expert in the subject of the essay. For example, if you need a paper done on the American Revolutionary War, you’ll have a paper written by an expert historian that specializes in that era of American history.

  3. All formats used: Your custom persuasive essay will be formatted based on your specific requirements. Prescott Paper is well-versed in all styles of writing. If you need your persuasive essay done in MLA style, for example, we can do that.

  4. Availability of Rush orders: The custom persuasive essay you order can be completed the same day or overnight if needed. After all, why stay up all night writing that persuasive essay at the last minute when you can have other people do it for you. This gives you more time to get your beauty rest and give equal valuable time to the rest of your classes.

  5. Free Revisions: All orders, including persuasive essays, come with free edits and revisions. For example, if you get the essay, and see that something else is required by the professor to get a good grade, you can request a revision, free of charge. The best part is, these free edits and revisions are unlimited.

  6. Free support: Now, this site has a comprehensive FAQ with answers to a lot of questions. But, what about those questions that it doesn’t answer? Another service we provide is support for your custom persuasive essay order. This is free and available by phone and email.

  7. Total Confidentiality: Your privacy is important here. We will never share your personal information with anyone. That professor who assigned you that monotonous essay does not need to know you paid someone else to write it for you.

Overall, when you purchase a persuasive essay online at Prescott Papers means you can devote more time to, among other things: your other studies, developing friendships and getting enough sleep so you can pay attention more in class. College should be fun and exciting; a time that should be spent with friends. It shouldn’t be marked by endless all-nighters where you drink 10 cups of coffee while writing that college essay. So, go ahead, take the plunge and buy a custom persuasive essay online from Prescott Papers today.

More About The Persuasive Essay

In a persuasive essay, you are using your own knowledge, thoughts, opinions and emotions to convince the reader to agree with your position on a particular topic. First, this means picking a topic for which you actually have some knowledge. There’s no point in writing a persuasive essay about what mathematical formula to use in a particular situation if you only have basic knowledge of math. Also, including your emotions means you can use them to evoke the same in your audience. There is not much research involved like there is with an argumentative essay. You don’t need to acknowledge opposing views. The purpose is to get the reader to feel the way you do about a topic.

To accomplish this, you need to know the audience you are writing for. For example, if you are trying to persuade your audience that Americans deserve free healthcare, there’s no point in addressing it to a European audience.

Here is another example. A student has strong feeling about people using their cell phones while driving. He feels a federal law banning the practice is necessary. To persuade his audience to agree with him, he brings up the following points:

  1. The number of times he’s heard about deadly accidents on the news due to someone texting on their phone instead of paying attention to the road.

  2. The possible outcomes of those accidents, including death, trauma, funeral costs for victims and the cost of rehab.

The student relies on his own knowledge about those factors. If this is something he feels strongly about, it will the type of story he pays attention to in the news and one that he remembers. He can even rely on his own experience. Maybe he had a close friend who died in a car crash due to the other driver paying attention to their cell phone. He can use his emotions from that experience to convince his audience of the need of a federal law that bans cell phone usage while driving.

Time, Time, Time

Let’s say you’ve chosen your persuasive essay topic, but it’s not easy to find the time to write it. So, you’ve waited until a week before it’s due. Now, you have 4 exams to study for, a research paper to write, assigned readings to do, and you have your part time job. Your next thought could be: “I don’t know how I’m going to have time for all this. I wonder if I can pay someone to do my persuasive essay for me.” If that is your next though, the answer to your question is yes, and it can be done in two ways.

  1. You could buy a persuasive essay that is already completed from an essay depository online. However, it would not be your own work, meaning you would be guilty of plagiarism and risk expulsion. Also, that completed work wouldn’t convey your emotions effectively, and that is one of the important factors of a persuasive essay.

  2. You could purchase a persuasive essay from a custom writing service. Why should it be from a custom writing service? Because you will get a custom persuasive essay. One of the best custom writing services on the web today is Prescott Papers

Why Use Prescott Papers

If you choose to buy a persuasive essay online, you should buy it at Prescott Papers. Here’s why:

  1. As mentioned already, you will get a custom persuasive essay online from Prescott Papers when you place an order with them. To achieve this, we’ll be in consistent contact with you, taking inventory of your knowledge, thoughts and emotions about the assigned topic of your persuasive essay. This way, the essay can still be your work.

  2. When you pay for a persuasive essay from Prescott Papers, it will be written by an elite write who graduated from an Ivy-League school, or even one who teaches at such an institution. This means that you will get a well-written persuasive essay that is carefully formatted according to your instructions. You’ll get the benefit of a scholarly writer who has had to write their own persuasive essays.

  3. Unlimited editing and revisions are free when you purchase a persuasive essay online at Prescott Papers. For example, if your professor looks at the first draft, and marks some changes that need to be made, we can incorporate those changes for you. This is why it is easy to work with us on your persuasive essay starting from the pre-writing process to the final draft.

  4. If you procrastinated and waited until the last minute to work on your persuasive essay, you can still buy the persuasive essay online at Prescott Papers by placing a rush on the order. We will accept this rush order, and work hard to ensure that you receive a completed persuasive essay in less than 24 hours. Plus, we have support via phone and email, available 24/7, to help with your questions and concerns. Finally, all transactions and communications with us, for any type of order, is kept completely confidential.

Now, here is the most important benefit. If you’ve read through all the other benefits, and are still not convinced enough to buy a persuasive essay online from Prescott Papers. Well, you should also know that you can try us out first with no obligation. We can start on your persuasive essay with no money upfront. Then, we can show you a preview of what that persuasive essay will look like, so you can get a sense of the type of writing you can expect from Prescott Papers. It’s another way of providing the best customer service possible.

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