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The short essay should be easy. It ranges from just half a page to no longer than 2 pages. However, because it’s short, you have to make sure your writing is concise. Organization is still a key element of this essay. When it comes down to it, it’s actually easier to write more than less. Even though the short essay is, of course, short, you still need to write it in the basic essay format.

Your short essay has to have a topic that is interesting enough to catch the reader’s eye and draw their attention. This is vital because of the limited space you have to write about the topic. There is no point picking a topic for a short essay that is boring. Your reader will lose interest and this will affect how they respond the rest of the short essay.

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The introduction is considered to be the most important paragraph in a short essay. Again, you have to draw the reader’s attention to your essay, and get them interested in your topic. If you introduce your topic and the essay by using vivid language and describing the topic in unique and unusual ways, your reader will be captivated. It will encourage to read the rest of your short essay. Plus, your introduction has to have a thesis and opening statement, both of which must also be eye-catching. Yes, even a short essay needs to have a thesis.

Once you have your reader’s attention, you can put the arguments, opinions, viewpoints and/or the facts about the topic you are writing about in the body of your essay. All of the points that you making about your topic need be connected in some way. You can do this with paragraph transitions, for example. If you did any research on your topic and want to use quotes and facts from your sources, you can do so in the body of your short essay while also providing the appropriate citation.

The conclusion is where you will summarize the ideas and facts about your topic that you discussed in the body. You will also reinstate the thesis that you should have include in the introduction. The point of the conclusion is to get the reader to think more about the topic.

As you can see, even writing a short essay can take a lot of work. There are even some students who have asked themselves the following question: “Could I get someone to do my short essay for me?” This can be a question that actual students have asked themselves. Writing a short essay that is not only attention-grabbing but has great flow and organization is hard.

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