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The Research Paper Writing Process

Through work with thousands of clients, the process of research paper writing has been tailored to be efficient and effective. Read below about the process used to provide our clients with the best custom research paper writing services.

Placing Your Order

To get your project started with our custom research paper writing service, place an order by answering a few quick questions. Submitting your project through our order form comes with no obligation - No payment is due at the time of form submission.

You will be able to discuss any questions about your order prior to payment. Once everything is settled, you will be able to pay for a research paper securely through PayPal. Payment can be accepted upfront for the most streamlined process. Custom-written previews of completed work are able to be requested prior to payment as well. Just let us know your preference!

At this point, you can sit back and relax! In the case that you would like to check in with us or if other inquiries come up, we are glad to help. To provide the best quality custom research papers, support is available to discuss your project after your order is placed.

Assigning a Qualified Writer

At this point, our team will start work on your project. The first step is to assign your research paper to a qualified writer. We will handpick a writer from the team that provides research paper writing services. The writer chosen will be the most qualified writer for your topic.

Writers from various background will be considered to make sure that the writer assigned is fully qualified to complete your paper. By using only the most qualified writers, you will work with a research paper writing service that is able to complete your project accurately. The high quality writing provided is clear to our clients and their professors!

Writing the Research Paper

Once an appropriate professional writer has been selected, the writing process will begin. The research paper services ordered will be completed based on the instructions that you have provided. There are many potential paths to the best research papers possible. Exact strategies used during the writing process vary based on writer talents. By taking advantage of synergy between techniques including outlining, prewriting, draft writing and editing, and preliminary research, your paper will be planned and completed before all required deadlines.

Internal Review

With the many components that go into paper writing, thorough review is important to make sure that requirements have been met fully. Orders for custom research paper writing include review of your paper for quality assurance purposes. Care is taken to provide papers that are completed correctly.

Receiving Your Paper

Once your paper has been written and edited, it will be sent to you for your review. Projects are delivered via email by default. Alternative delivery options are available by request. Need our research paper service to send your documents to you in a particular file format? Feel free to specify! Research papers can be delivered in the formats of .docx, .doc, .pdf, .odt, .txt, .rtf, and others as requested.

Feedback, Edits, and Extensions

For our writers, the most important requirement for the final product is that you are satisfied. Feedback can be given to us directly by telephone, email, or our contact page. Skype consultation is also available by request. We are always happy to hear your feedback so that we can further improve our custom research paper service.

Want changes to your paper? Edits are tweaks to your paper to make sure it meets the guidelines provided in the initial instructions. We stand by the quality of our work. If for whatever reason your project requires an update to meet a requirement listed in your original order, our editing policy provides access to free-of-charge edits.

Edited Research Papers

In addition to edits, extensions are are also available. Rather than being tweaks to your paper, extensions to research papers are the addition of new content beyond the original order. Want a three page literature review added or other new work? Order an extension to a previously ordered paper and the new work will be done by the same writer as the initial project. This makes sure that the new work is done by the most qualified writer, as he or she is intimately familiar with the rest of the paper from writing the original project. To quote a past client's feedback, "working with the same writer for the new custom research papers services on the same topic was really useful for the grade and quality of paper."

Content and Structure of Research Papers

Structure is important for research paper writing. Effective paper structure makes research papers well-organized and easy to understand. Structure and organization also helps make arguments more convincing and effective. An example of standard structure for a research paper is as follows:

  • Cover Page
  • Introduction
  • Body and Main Arguments
  • Conclusions
  • Attribution of Sources

Other sections may also be included in research papers as relevant.

Cover Pages

Cover pages make life easy for you and your professors. To make sure that you get the most by choosing us as a custom research papers writing service, a free cover page is included with every order. Cover pages are formatted based on the citation style requested. Need custom or non-standard formatting for your research paper cover page? Just let us know the details!


Many academic formats require headers. Header requirements are often different across different formats. For example, MLA and APA headers are completely different! Even small details can impact the quality of academic papers. Because of this, for custom research papers, writing is done by writers who have good attention to detail. Research papers ordered include properly formatted headers when applicable.

Footnotes and Endnotes

Footnotes are notes that are printed at the bottom of pages. They are associated with an appropriate numeral. Footnotes are used to give credit, to provide supplemental information, and to provide miscellaneous other information that is relevant while not being the main focus of the paper. Footnotes are included in ordered research papers where required or requested.

Endnotes are used for similar purposes to footnotes, including attribution of sources and provision of additional information. The main difference is that endnotes are printed at the end of the research paper rather than at the bottom of each page. Endnotes are included as required in academic research papers ordered.

References, Bibliographies, Works Cited Pages, and Citations

There is a reason why they're called research papers - they require research! By conducting thorough research, writing is more accurate, persuasive, and useful. Extensive research is included in every research paper. Requirements for attribution of sources differ by academic style. Need a specific citation format? Select a formatting option with your order!

Academic papers require that credit be given where credit is due. Requirements and formatting for attribution of sources vary by style. Specify your preference and that format will be used. A page listing sources is included free of charge with research papers ordered. This may be formatted as a works cited page, bibliography, or otherwise as indicated by your preferred format. By giving credit appropriately in your custom research paper, your work is plagiarism-free!

In addition to the inclusion of a properly formatted page of sources at the end of the research paper, it is also important to appropriately cite sources inline. When ideas are paraphrased or quoted from outside sources, they are cited in the body of the paper using parenthetical citations or footnote citations as recommended under the academic format requirested.


Appendices are additional information and documents attached at the end of a research paper. These documents are included at the end because they may be distracting to include in the main text. For example, if research has been done involving a survey, a copy of the survey form given to participants may be included as an appendix. Appendices are included as relevant for research papers ordered.

Why Order from Prescott Papers?

Prescott Papers offers a custom academic writing service that has many strengths over other companies. Take advantage of the following benefits of ordering your research paper from Prescott Papers.

Elite U.S. Writers

Writing research papers is a complex process. Make sure your projects are completed correctly by working with only the highest-tier of writers: real-world experts; graduates from top universities, including ivy-league schools; and other qualified professionals.

With a team of writers from many backgrounds, papers of all types are available. Whether you are looking for a research paper writer for a criminal justice course, an English class, or another subject, our writers are here to help!

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Free Editing and Revision

Writing a research paper is an ongoing process. Need an update or change to your paper after it has been completed? Contact us for free revisions and edits.

Plagiarism-Free Research Papers

We take originality of research papers seriously. Buy a custom research paper with no plagiarism to make sure that your work is 100 percent original. Want proof? Ask for your paper to be run through a plagiarism scanner like Copyscape. There is no reason to use custom research paper services if the work is not original, so verification of originality is gladly provided!

Express Delivery Available

If your deadline coming up soon? Contact us today! Orders can be expedited - under 24 hour options available! Is your research paper due overnight? Need same day delivery? These options are available! Specify your deadline in our easy-to-use order form and your project will be delivered on time.

Order with No Payment Upfront

Make sure your project is perfect before paying! Ask for a preview of your research paper to be sent before making payment and make sure you're working with a qualified and professional academic research paper writing service.

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