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We all know the feeling: Spending hours staring at a screen trying to figure out how to get started on a college paper. What should your research paper even be about? Will the thesis be too specific? Too general? Too boring? The decisions that are made at the start of the research paper writing process can have a huge impact on whether the paper is successful. Because of this, research paper proposals are vital.

Whether you want a research paper proposal for your own reference or are required to write one for a college class, a good proposal will result in a great paper. Through our coordinated team of American writers, you can buy a research paper proposal online and know that your paper will be built off of a strong base.


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I've been really busy with work lately so I wanted to buy a research paper proposal and all for a Econ class. Trying to find a company that wasn't really... unscrupulous... was difficult. I decided to buy just the proposal at first from the Prescott website and figured at worst it would be a small waste if I got scammed out of half a page... They came through with the proposal as requested by the deadline and were even willing to set up a special arrangement where they sent a bit of the proposal as a preview before I had to pay. To those of you out there wondering whether or not paper writing companies are a scam - this one definitely is real. Can't vouch for other websites. I put in an order for the rest of the paper from them and am looking forward to the results.

Submitted by Kathy B. on 12 December, 2015

Research Paper Proposal FAQ

What is a research paper proposal?

Research papers can be long-term projects that require a large investment of time and energy. Because of this, it is important to make sure that the final paper will be on a useful and relevant topic. A research paper proposal is a document that concisely explains what the final research paper will be about. Proposals are frequently required for academic courses and must be run past instructors to get approval to start work on a full research paper.

One great way to get started with a research paper is to make sure that your proposal is strong. This will help you get started on the right foot. If you buy a research proposal from an elite writer, you will receive plenty of excellent ideas to get started with. From here, you can dive into the plan that your expert writer set up for you or you can commission the rest of the paper to be custom-written for you!

How do I know that I will receive quality work when I purchase a research proposal online?

Many steps are taken to ensure that you will get a good quality research paper proposal. First, your project will be written by a writer picked specifically for your project. Need an outline for a history paper? Your paper will be assigned to a writer with a background in history. Need an English paper outline? You will get a paper from a verified English writer. Next, your project will be reviewed by our internal quality assurance team. Finally, if there is anything that you need changed, just get in touch! Edits, revisions, and extensions are available!

Is it legal to buy a research paper proposal?

Yes. It is legal to purchase a research proposal online. Prescott Papers is a U.S. based company that works within the laws of the United States to make sure you can buy custom writing safely.

How to Write a Research Paper Proposal

There are various steps that go into writing a good research paper proposal. Below is a general process that may be used to draft a strong proposal.

Review Guidelines

Review the guidelines for the research paper. Before selecting a topic, it is important to consider factors such as page count, citation requirements, project instructions, and the purpose of the paper. Make sure that you know what you need for the final paper so that you write the proposal correctly the first time!

Select a Topic

Once the requirements are known, a topic must be selected. Conduct some preliminary research on relevant issues. A good topic should be relevant to the project guidelines, should be possible to research effectively, and should be interesting to the writer. Our writers use the same rigor when selecting a topic when you buy a research proposal online.

Decide on Proposal Content

Once your know what the topic of your research proposal will be, the other parts of the proposal can be planned out. Proposals commonly discuss the topic and thesis, the reason for selecting the topic, brief discussion of core resources, why the proposed research paper will be useful, and an overview of the subsections of the research paper.

Writing the Proposal

At this point, work on the proposal can start. Start by making sure that all formatting is done correctly. Generally, this will mean creating a Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced document. Add a relevant title. Begin writing the proposal, which will generally take 0.5 to 1.0 pages. Start with an introduction to the topic, ideally with an interesting line that will catch the reader's attention. Present your thesis concisely in a sentence. Finally, include a road-map of what will be included in the rest of the paper and briefly discuss the proposed main point.

This method of writing a research proposal is effective whether you write a proposal from scratch or buy a research paper proposal online!

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