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Book Editing Service

Book Editing Service

Writing an entire book is by itself an onerous task. After you have completed the mind-boggling amount of research work, after sorting out the huge amounts of data that you gathered during research, after you made copious notes, and then completed your book, you would be thoroughly exhausted.

Despite doing the amount of work you did to complete writing your book, it will still not be error-free. And there is nothing to be ashamed of here. Writing a book is one thing and editing a book is quite another. The person writing the book should ideally not be the person editing it. In fact, there are many people out there who believe that editors should not be authors too. Though this may sound rude, the truth is a good editor is a person who can see your work in an objective manner and point out flaws that need correction.

A good book editing service does not merely correct the grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors in your book. It also checks for the flow of content and ensures that there are no gaps in your writing process. Here are some great benefits that a great book editing service will provide you with.

Benefits of using book editing service providers

A good editor will ensure that your words match what you intend to say – That means to say, you could be meaning to say "bread and butter" and instead say "bed and butter." This phrase might fit into the content of your book and if you see, there are no grammatical or spelling errors in this phrase. However, a shrewd editor who has an eye for detail should actually mark this with a comment "to check." When you receive the edited version, you could always check to ensure that this phrase is what you intended (as a form of sarcastic humor) or was it an overlooked mistake?

A good editor will ensure that you are economical with words – Here are some reasons why your content could end up wordier than needed:

  • You need to pad up your work to meet word-count

  • You are trying to include jargon and clever use of words to appear knowledgeable and sophisticated

  • You are too tired to think

While all the reasons stated above are valid, yet, if not done in the proper way can make your content boring and unreadable. A good editor will ensure economy of words in your book and yet make your work appear stylish and sophisticated.

A good editor will always question you on the flow of content – This is to ensure that the logical flow of content in your book is seamless. Every time an editor is asking you "why is this here and not there?" he or she is making you think again so that you can sure about your writing and the way you want it to flow.

A good editor will warn you if your book is way above the understanding of an average reader – Unless it is a doctoral or a postdoctoral dissertation, there is really no need to go overboard and get too technically deep into a subject that you are very good at. Your average reader is definitely going to get disinterested midway through. A good editor will "weed out" unnecessary technicalities and/or content and keep your book succinct and yet interestingly informative for the reader.

A good editor will question you about alternatives that you may not have considered for your book – As you have been so involved in deep research and other intense activities for writing your book, it is highly possible that you have a missed an easy alternative for some aspect of your book. A good editor will identify and recognize this and question you about these alternate options.

Yes, there could be times where you have thought about these alternate options already and have chosen to discard them. Yet, it makes sense to listen to an outsider's perspective and see if you can counter-argue the editor's point of view before you are completely convinced of your choice not to look at these alternatives.

Who should edit your work?

A good editor should be one who can look at your work objectively and will not mince words to tell you about the flaws that require correction. A good editor is one who is preferably not too close to you personally. An even better situation would be someone who is not in the same industry that your book represents. This will ensure that even a person who knows little about your niche read and understood your writing.

The person who is editing your book should not fear any kind of political ramifications that being honest about your work could have on your relationship with him or her. It would be unwise to ask your spouse or sibling or anyone in the family to do the editing work. That is why it is best to use the services of an objective third party editorial service.

Final Notes

At Prescott Papers, we have a range of editing and revision services available for you. It would be naïve if you chose to ignore the importance of editing your work and hence, do not hesitate to call us for help.

Additionally, our writing experts who are highly qualified in their respective domains and are experienced as well would be very happy to help you with all your academic needs. Call us for custom essays, dissertations, research papers, assignments, homework, and more.

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