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Let me start this copy editing services article by giving you a brief difference between editing and copyediting services. This will help you understand how to chose the editing professional depending on your need.

Editing refers to changing a piece of content and the process could include reorganization, rewriting, revising, and repositioning too. The editing process is a highly collaborative process and includes detailed interactions between the writer and the editor.

Copyediting, contrarily, involves a lesser number of changes and editing processes. Copyediting is more focused on formatting, accuracy, and proofreading at times. And yes, you can pick up copyediting skills on your own and need not depend on a professional copy editing service as it is easier to learn as compared to line-by-line editing done by editors.

How to copyedit your own work

While you are copy editing your work, keep a pen and paper ready to note down details of the mistakes that you make so that you may use this as a reference for your future work or to correct them when you see them again in the same work.

Syntax and Grammar – Keep detailed notes of the syntax and grammar errors you make as you copyedit your work. Learn to identify them and correct them. As you keep practicing this, you will make fewer syntax and grammar mistakes as you progress in your writing journey.

Punctuation usage – Ensure you are following punctuation rules strictly and correctly. Make sure the questions that you are asking in your content do not sound so flat that you use the period instead of the question mark. Are your commas correctly used? Are you using semi-colons and colons in the correct places? Become such a master at punctuation that no editor will have to fill or correct any punctuation in your work. Correct punctuations speak volumes of your writing style and bad punctuation is an immediate put-off for the reader.

Numbers – Make sure that the numbers you are using in your content have a consistent format. Are you going to spell all the numbers except amounts and years? Are you planning to use numerals in all places except in direct speech? Whatever you choose, ensure consistency of style right through the content. Inconsistency is another put-off element for any reader.

Spelling with variations – If you are using words that have different accepted spelling such as bandanna or bandana then ensure you use the same one throughout your content. Nicknames or colloquial words should also appear with the same spelling if they come in more than one place in your content.

Using the correct choice of tricky words – There are plenty of tricky words which are easily interchanged by the most seasoned writer. Examples include conscience/conscious, while/awhile, meanwhile/meantime, etc. Make sure you read your text in detail and these words are used in correct context. Your content will make no sense if "conscious" was used instead of "conscience" or vice versa.

Formatting style – Stick to the same formatting style for the entire content. If it was college assignments, then quite often, the instructions will come with the type of formatting to be used for the assignment. Make sure you learn and master little details that can be easily missed such as when to capitalize the word "president," or "aunt," or "uncle," etc.

Learning to copyedit your own work is a great way to improve your writing skills as well as ensuring that the readers get a seamless flow of content which could be broken by small avoidable mistakes had you not copyedited.

Yet, there could be times when you may not have the time to do it yourself. At these times, do not hesitate to contact a good and reputed copy editing services for help. Moreover, a professional copy editor will do additional checks that may not come within your capabilities. And taking help from these professionals offers plenty of advantages.

Advantages of taking help from professional copy editing services

Copy editors do the following tasks and if you have chosen a reputed and established service, then you can rest assured that your work will appear impeccably good.

A good copy editor will check for consistency of data such as accuracy of names, times, dates, past events, places, etc.

A good copy editor will ensure that all math and number related data in your work is correct and accurate. These details include checking and verifying tax rates, totals, percentages, etc.

A copy editor's job is to check your work for libel and that it conforms to the moral and ethical practices that are prevailing in the concerned industry and the concerned profession.

A good copy editor will streamline and smoothen out your prose so that there is a seamless flow of content from one point to another.

He or she will cut out unnecessary words and jargon to enhance clarity of your work. He or she could paraphrase some of your work if it appears too convoluted for easy understanding.

A copy editor will also ensure that the data of your content is cut appropriately to fit the printing space and while doing this he or she will ensure that none of the important points are lost in this process.

Of course, a copy editor will ensure there are absolutely no spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors in your work.

The copy editor will ensure that your content conforms to the required formatting style such as Chicago, APA, MLA, etc

A professional copy editor's job also includes the checking and verification of the correction and authenticity of graphics, charts, and maps

A copy editor could proofread the online and print pages of your content, if you have included the services

And finally, a copy editor will check for accurate and clear display of headlines (for mobile/web/print content). He or she will check overlines and subheadings, for teasers, for photo captions, summaries, etc. for errors. The copy editor will check for anything that stands out besides the actual text. This is extremely critical as most people read only the displayed part more than the actual text especially in online content.

Final Notes

It is believed in the publishing and writing industry that copy editors are the "first readers" of any content. They are also referred to as "the last line of defense." This is because copy editors do not read from the writer's perspective. They read the content from the reader's perspective. So, they know what readers look for in any content. So, they are the readers' advocates and the publisher's quality control.

In your college writing work, the job of a copy editor is as important as that of a line-by-line editor. The accuracy of the formatting style, grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors can make or break your grades. Considering the amount of work you have at college, it does make a lot of sense to take copy editing help from Prescott Papers to ensure accuracy and perfection in your academic work.

Our expert copywriters are extremely well-versed and experienced in checking and verification all types of formatting styles including but not limited to APA, MLA, and Chicago styles.

Additionally, our team of experienced and qualified writers is very well trained to give you the best of academic writing assignments that will get you great grades. Do not hesitate to contact us for custom essays, projects, assignments, and more.

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