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You worked hard to gather all the information necessary for your document, and you put your heart into writing it. In fact, you have gotten so close to your document that you are probably now blind to the typos or grammatical errors or even the fact that you have used the same word over and over again throughout the text.

Copyediting 24/7

It is only natural for a writer to miss mechanical faults in a document that they have worked long and hard on. Even the most experienced writers sometimes miss embarrassing details. Unfortunately, your readers will notice them.

Now is the time to put your document into the hands of professionals – into the hands of the best copyediting service. You can trust us to treat the valuable document that you carefully created with the care and attention to detail that you yourself would give it. Our focus on the mechanics of your text frees you to concentrate on the content.

Web Content

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Needed good content for my money site. Since even small typos can result in losing over $1,000 sales, I have been hiring Prescott Papers for help with editing web page copy. They always catch everything and have helpful suggestions both for writing conventions and for ways to increase conversions.

Submitted by Greg on 00 November, 2015

Proofreading vs Copyediting

Proofreading is a critical step to make sure that your document appears professional. It will often be the last process before a document is made public.

Professional copyediting , on the other hand, goes beyond the mechanical errors, such as typos and punctuation, to deeper issues. We will take care of the proofreading, but in addition to improving sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, our copyeditors ensure:

  • the document is coherently organized

  • the writing flows smoothly

  • the work is error-free

  • the writing style is consistent throughout the document

  • the document is focused on the appropriate audience

Why Professional Copyediting Online?

Do you want your writing to be taken seriously? Of course, your answer is yes.

Unfortunately, typos, grammatical errors, and misspellings can detract from the message in the text. Those kinds of mistakes can lead the reader to question the credibility of the content.

In addition, writing that does not flow well can distract the reader to the point that he does not even understand the sense of the document. He may find himself reading a sentence over and over again to get to the meaning – all because the writing did not flow smoothly.

Your reader should not have to work hard to understand what you have worked so diligently to write. Whether your document is a scientific document to be published in a scientific journal or a memoir you have written solely for your family, you want your readers to understand and enjoy every word.

Our copyediting online service looks at your document with fresh eyes. We have no preconceived notion of how it should be written, so we will be able to see the stumbling blocks the reader might come across, and we will rewrite any confusing text so that it is crystal clear. Our copyediting service provides you with the protection of an objective review and experts who polish your writing to perfection.

Documents That We Copyedit

Many editors apply for work with us every month, but we accept only a small fraction of those who apply. That is why we are the very best copyediting online. Our editors have passed rigorous exams in order to become part of our team. Here are just a few of the kinds of documents they have expertise in:

  • research papers

  • newsletters for various kinds of professionals

  • legal documents

  • marketing brochures

  • sales proposals

  • grants

  • website landing pages and blog posts

  • business plans

  • scientific papers

  • manuscripts

  • dissertations

  • and more – too numerous to list

Style Guides

A document that will be published in a scientific journal will need to be edited specifically to that standard. A legal document, on the other hand, will have a different set of style parameters that need to be followed. Each document needs to be edited to match the correct audience.

Our copyeditors will edit your document according to whichever style guide you prefer:

  • Chicago Manual of Style

  • Associated Press Stylebook

  • American Medical Association

  • MLA Style Manual

  • APA (American Psychological Association)

  • Garner

  • Your own in-house style guide

Quality Control

Not only will your document be edited by an expert copyeditor, but it will then be crosschecked thoroughly by our review team. This means that another set of fresh, objective eyes will take a look at your document to be sure that nothing fell through the cracks. This review process is a standard part of our service. You will not pay extra for it.

100% Satisfaction

Don’t accept anything but the best copyediting online. You are our #1 priority, and we stand behind our work. We will work with you until your document is perfect. If you find something in your document that you do not like, just let us know, and we will revise it until you are satisfied.


Your documents are 100% private and will never be shared with anyone. Our copyeditors have each signed a confidentiality agreement. In addition, your name and personal information will not be shared outside our organization.

Our internet is encrypted with state-of-the-art technology. You can feel safe when documents are being transmitted to or from us.

Let’s Meet

We are experienced in working with clients from all industries, with private clients who need our help to polish family stories all the way to large corporations.

We are ready to meet with you to review your document and discuss your deadline. We are very flexible and can generally turn your document around as quickly as you need.

Give us a call to investigate how we can help you. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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