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“How soon can you come in for an interview? We can’t wait to discuss this position with you and hope you’re available immediately.” Those are the words you want your cover letter to elicit from your prospective employer.

If you want to hear those words when a potential employer phones you or read those words when he emails you, you need to find the best cover letter editing services online to work with you until your cover letter shines and sparkles.

The Best Cover Letter Editing Service Sells You to Prospective Employers

You have all your personal information – we have all the expertise to edit your cover letter so that you get noticed for the right reasons and have the best chance of hearing or reading the words that show you have passed the first hurdle. This is what professional cover letter editing services can do for you – get you over that first hurdle so that you have the opportunity to wow the potential employer personally.

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Hoping to get a security job with local government. My English is decent in my opinion, although it is not my native language. They found a few mistakes that I would haven't caught myself.

Submitted by Mohammad on 04 May, 2015

What You Will Receive with our Cover Letter Editing Service Online

Your cover letter is as important as your CV. Some might say that it is even more important because the HR person reads it before reading the actual CV. That means the cover letter is your first chance to impress your potential employer. It is the first opportunity you have to secure the interview.

Your personality must shine through. All your accomplishments are on the CV – don’t repeat them in your cover letter. We will make sure that does not occur in your cover letter.

Because of the importance of your cover letter, you need our services – the best cover letter editing services. Our editors will:

  • remove all mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling

  • rewrite the text so that it reads smoothly

  • remove ‘filler’ content that detracts from the purpose of the cover letter

  • format the letter so that your strengths stand out

  • tailor the letter to fit your preferred employer

  • work with you until your cover letter reads the way you want it to

You Are the Star in this Story

We will turn your cover letter into a story about you, the candidate. This story will depict a person that the HR person can confidently recommend to the hiring person. It will be obvious from the story about you in the cover letter that you will be a strategic addition to the team. They will not want to lose you to a competing employer.

Specifically, the story about you in the cover letter will direct the HR person to two or three specific examples from your background when you excelled – this will get him or her to proceed to read the CV and take it seriously rather than hiding it in a stack of other applications that will never be looked at again.

Candidates often do not recognize which events in their past qualify as something that will stand out to the HR person. That is why you need to use our service, the best cover letter editing service online.

We will interview you via a list of questions that are designed to pull out the exact information that will comprise a stunning cover letter. If you did not include this event or information in the draft that you gave us, we will write about it in the edited version.

The MSA formula for a stellar cover letter from a 2009 article on examiner.com went like this:

  • Made = “made the company money, sales, etc.”

  • Saved = “saved the company money, time, etc.”

  • Achieved = “achieved (awards, recognition, etc.) personally”

We will pull out this information from your draft or from the interview questions to use as one-sentence bullet points in your cover letter so that each one stands out noticeably. You probably already have these items somewhere in your cover letter, but they may be buried in prose. We will pull them out and put them in the most strategic location to attract the HR person immediately.

Professional Cover Letter Editing Services Online

Our editors are highly experienced in working with clients seeking employment in all fields. Some of our clients are looking for their very first job. Others have years and years of experience and are in the top levels of management. Most fall somewhere in between these two extremes.

No matter what your current level of experience, we give all our clients equal attention and review the drafts of their cover letters with the same conscientiousness. In addition, once your letter has passed through our cover letter editing service, it will be reviewed by another expert editor. This is to ensure quality control.

The Best Cover Letter Editing Services

Our cover letter editing services online are the best you will find. You were probably shocked when looking online at the sales pages of other cover letter editing services to find many, many grammatical. You will not find mistakes like that in any of our text. That is because we do not accept anything but the very best. If an editing service has mistakes in the text on their sales page, how can you expect them to do a good job editing your cover letter?


Your cover letter is completely private and will never be shared. All our editors have signed a confidentiality agreement that binds them legally not to share your name or personal information outside our company.

Our internet is state-of-the-art. The encryption we use ensures the privacy of your document when being transmitted to or from us.

A Deadline, You Say?

Let’s meet online and discuss your letter and the deadline you have in mind. If for some reason we cannot meet your deadline, we will tell you upfront so that you do not waste your valuable time.

We are flexible and can usually edit your cover letter and get it to you well within your time frame. We look forward to working with you.

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