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If you're trying to decide among different dissertation editing services after years of scholarly work, let us make things easier. We understand. You've invested a good part of your life to reach this point in your academic career. You've labored to discover your thesis, combed through the works of relevant experts in your field, analyzed seemingly endless amounts of data. Finally, you've compiled your original contribution to your profession. Here's why you can trust us to polish your dissertation, and get it ready for publication.

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I am partnered with students at various universities, grad students and PhD candidates, who need dissertation editing. As part of a grant program, we've received funding and have been using Prescott Papers for help with many of these dissertations. They have been able to handle the large workload quickly while still providing good quality work.

Submitted by Celine Denham on 27 June, 2015

Professional U.S. editors

Our professional U.S. editors are available for any academic field. We serve as your editorial support to ensure that you submit a paper that enhances your academic credibility and is worthy of the effort you put into it. In addition to proofreading, we perform copy editing to ensure that it flows well. The goal of our dissertation editing serviceis to showcase your quality scholarship. We make sure that your ideas are presented in a way that's logical, readable and commensurate with doctoral-level work.

Proofreading for grammar, punctuation and spelling

Although common errors like inconsistent use of commas and misuse of they're instead of their (or there) seem trivial when compared with brilliant academic insights, these mistakes can distract from your publication. That's why our professional dissertation editing services include proofreading for grammar, punctuation and spelling. We also check that names and terms within the context of your academic field are properly spelled to support your qualification as a doctoral candidate.

Editing for academic conventions

Because we believe that the best dissertation editing services extend beyond basic spelling and grammar, we also edit for general conventions. We know that the audience for your published research comprises other experts, and each academic discipline has its own terms, language and generally accepted conventions. Simply editing for a typical reader of blogs or newspapers isn't enough.

Our dissertation editing services onlineinclude checking to make sure that discipline-specific terminology is used in the context that's generally accepted for scholarly research within your academic community. Our team of U.S. editors is equipped to handle papers written by scholars in every variety of academia: psychology, law, engineering, sociology, education, philosophy, physics, English, biology, and more. Feel free to email us at support@prescottpapers.com to verify that our editors are literate in your professional field.

Reviewing phrasing for clarity

The way your paper's sentences are worded and structured not only affects readability, it can affect whether or not your ideas can be easily comprehended by your audience. That's why the best dissertation editing service includes copy editing for phrasing.

Run-on sentences, unnecessary words, phrases that are repeated too often throughout the paper or phrases that are not commonly used within your academic community can all detract from your paper's impact. Our expert editors remove clutter and introduce clarity as needed. They make sure that clumsy wording doesn't impede readability or distract readers from your ideas.

Reviewing for idea flow

Along with properly establishing the writing mechanics, our editors address the way your paper flows from its thesis statement. Perfect grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation can't make up for analysis and conclusions that are disconnected from the thesis. Does your paper come together as a whole? Does your data analysis make sense? Does your research support your findings? When these elements of your paper don't work, they can endanger the success of your project.

For those reasons, our editors look for logic, idea development and support for your argument. While they can't foresee how your doctoral committee will respond, they can point out obvious flaws so you can make corrections before you submit your paper.

Editing for style and format

After proofreading, copy editing and reviewing for flow, the final check is format. When it comes to providing professional formatting for every academic style, we believe we're the best dissertation editing service online: we offer services for every academic discipline and the formatting that each community requires.

Even though you've spent years researching, analyzing data and writing your paper as a doctoral degree candidate, like many of our customers, you may find this step overwhelming. Each formatting style has its idiosyncrasies and numerous variables to manage. Unless you edit on a regular basis, reviewing your own paper for formatting compliance can become tedious and stop your momentum.

Proper formatting is not simply a means to show off your academic competence. It's a professional courtesy to your academic community and an initiation into its professional discourse. Proper citations and style may mean the difference for you between rejection and acceptance by your doctoral committee.

Our professional dissertation editing services online can accommodate any professional style, including these commonly-used academic formats:

  • American Psychological Association (APA)

  • Modern language Association (MLA)

  • Chicago Manual of Style (CMS)

  • Turabian Citation and Format Style

  • American Sociological Association (ASA,)

  • Council of Science Editors citation style (CSE)

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

If your dissertation committee requires a format that's not listed here, don't worry. Simply contact us, and let us know what you need.

Changes and revisions

After the formatting review is finished, your paper is ready for presentation to your doctoral committee. However, it's not uncommon at this point to discover that you'd like to make a few changes or revisions. Because we offer the best dissertation editing services online,simply contact us, and let us know the scope of the changes you want to make.

If your writing is ready for its transformation from draft-status to final form, click on the Order button above, and fill out the form to get started now. If you have questions about our dissertation editing service online, email us at support@prescottpapers.com to set up a free consultation.

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