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Document Editing Services

Document Editing Services

Have you noticed an intriguing detail during any writing process? The detail I am talking about is the fact that many of us write a sentence and quickly re-read the sentence to see if we can edit it immediately.

This is a very natural way of the writing process. Yet, it is not the most effective way of writing. It is a common misconception that writing something and getting it right at the first time is the best way to create a good piece of content. In reality, this is not true.

In fact, trying to edit your work while you write the first draft can hinder your writing process. This is because writing and editing are two different tasks and multitasking them can create not only a bad piece of unreadable writing but also leave you very flustered, angry, and resentful.

These negative emotions will be driven by the fact that you have put in so much of hard work and the result is so far from being desirable. So, this article is aimed at giving you some document editing tips that can be useful when you are writing all your college assignments including essays, papers, dissertations, etc.

Before I go on to giving you the document editing tips, please be aware that taking the help of a professional document editing services can take your seemingly ordinary looking document to something that is excellent and will compel your teacher to give you great grades.

Simple document editing tips

Write your first draft of the document without editing – A key element to a good document is to get the basic framework right. And this is what you will achieve by writing your document's first draft quickly, productively, and without stopping for editing. It is a common thing among many writers to be sidetracked from the main idea by an unnecessary compulsive need to edit as they write. Combining the editing and writing process hinders the productivity of both the tasks.

The best way to start writing your document is to write the first draft quickly and without stopping to edit. While writing, if a differing point of view comes to your mind or you realize that you are making a grammatical or a spelling error repeatedly, then make notes of these points in a separate place. Avoid correcting these mistakes at the same time of writing of the first draft.

The task of writing the first draft of your document is sacred as it reflects the framework on which your final document will be based.

Identify your common writing mistakes – As you keep writing documents while in college, you will see that there are some common mistakes or concepts that you repeat. For example, you could unwittingly be in the habit of using more adjectives than needed or you could be using adverbs that begin only with vowels. This kind of repetition in your writing can irritate or annoy your reader. Hence, make a concerted effort to identify these mistakes and consciously correct them as you progress in your writing. While you are writing the first draft, include these points in the separate set of notes.

Make sure you get your document read by a beta-reader – This will be a test for you. Make sure you have a small set of people who are your beta-readers. In fact, you can take the help of friends who are doing a different course to read your document. Check if they can understand what you have written. Make sure your beta-readers give you honest feedback and do not worry about what you will think of them if the feedback were to be negative.

Look out for words that you might have overused – Leverage the power of your word processor and find those words that you believe you have overused. In fact, your word processor can be a great help for editing your work. Use options such as Ctrl-F to find and edit words that have been employed more than they should have.

Do not restrict the number of drafts for a document – There are no magic numbers with regard to how many revisions and edits are needed in a document. Avoid getting carried away by what others do. Some may need only 1-2 drafts before they finalize the document. And for some even 5 or 6 may not enough.

You decide that no more drafts are needed only when you are convinced about how the document has come out finally. If you are happy, then you can stop the revision. If you are not happy, then don't feel bad that you have not achieved perfection even after so many revisions. Just go ahead and persevere.

Give a reasonable amount of time to pass between the writing and the editing process – After you have written your first, second, or third draft, and you are more or less satisfied with the outcome and now you want to start editing, remember to give a reasonable time period to pass before you actually sit down to edit.

For small essays, a one-day gap is sufficient. But, for longer papers, it would be wise to give at least a couple of days before you sit down for the editing process. This time gap is essential for you to get out of the environment of that particular document so that when you return to it, you are refreshed and feel rejuvenated. The editing will be more productive when you allow yourself some amount of time between the two tasks.

As you have seen, writing and editing are two very independent tasks. While editing your own work enhances your writing skills and makes you very independent, using the services of a professional document editing services provider has multiple benefits.

Benefits of using a document editing services provider

  • A good document editor will help you refine what you intend to say

  • A document editor will save you from the embarrassment of your worst writing errors.

  • A good editor will add a punch to your narrative by cutting out all frivolities and focusing on the most important points in your document.

  • A good editor will also tell you where you need to expand a little more in your document. He or she will show you areas in your document that lack sufficient data or description depending on the subject.

  • A good editor will be your mentor and friend right through the writing process

  • A good editor will catch mistakes that you have overlooked or simply been blind to

  • An editor will see your document from the perspective of a reader and tell you what is missing so you can fill in the gaps

While all the above benefits are irrefutable and are great, there is one particular benefit that outweighs all of them. And that benefit is the feeling you get when you read your final edited document. That is a sense of achievement of getting "everything right" in your document.

An editor is a person who will present a document in such a way that the reader will never doubt your writing skills. An editor is the one who is responsible for hiding all your writing faults such that your reader will never know how many times you had to revise and edit your document.

When your teacher reads your document and finds that perfect argumentative essay, you will definitely have to give thanks to your editor because, without his or her help, perfection in your writing would have been impossible to achieve.

Final Notes

Considering the importance of editing, I would call self-editing an oxymoron. It is near impossible to write and correct your own mistakes without being subjective and doing a bad job or, at least an average job, of your entire document.

A professional document editing services provider is an essential part of your writing process. Do not ignore the importance of editing services and do not underestimate the value of a good editor.

At Prescott Papers, you can browse through the various services we offer under editing services for college papers. Our team of editors will ensure that your writing efforts have not gone in vain and will help you convert your document into a highly readable and interesting one. Your edited document is sure to win you accolades in the form of great grades from your teacher.

Additionally, our experienced and qualified team of writers is ever willing to help you with all your academic writing needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for custom essays, assignments, dissertations, research papers, etc.

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