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Novel Editing Services

Novel Editing Services

Writing a novel is a huge challenge and editing it is even more difficult. A good novel has improved chances of doing well commercially if you have been able to create it after overcoming numerous challenges and getting it edited by a professional novel editing services provider.

This article is aimed at giving you what challenges novelists face while writing (along with a few practical solutions to overcome them) and then the importance of using a good novel editing services provider.

There are many challenges that writers face especially when they are writing a lengthy novel. Here are a few of those challenges and some solutions that could help you overcome the challenges and get on with writing your novel.

Writer's Block

This is, perhaps, the most dangerous aspect to be wary of while writing a novel. During the times when you have a writer's block, there are many reasons for you to not want to continue writing and some of them include:

  • My mind is a blank

  • I don't know what to write

  • I am not in a mood

  • I don't know when my mood will get better

  • This character is stuck here and I don't know how to progress

Here are some solutions to quickly overcome such negative feelings:

  • Take a short break – Move away from work for a day or two and make sure you are fully rested mentally and physically

  • Read a lot – This is a fabulous solution. Firstly, reading will enliven your thoughts and secondly while you read, you could come up with solutions for problems in the plot of your own novel. Moreover, reading gives you a lot of information that is absolutely essential for your writing process.

  • Exercise regularly – A fit body houses a fit mind. Exercising regularly not only helps you be physically fit but also keeps you mentally alert. Additionally, the endorphins that are released by your body when you do physical activity are wonderful mood enhancers. So, do not avoid regular exercise.

  • Just don't write for some time – Many times, writer's block happens when you have been writing without a break. Take an entire day off and do not write at all. Go out. Meet friends and do all other activities that are not writing related.

No ideas are coming to mind

You are certain that a particular character has to move forward in your novel. But, no ideas are coming as to how to take the character forward. And so you are stuck. Here are some useful solutions for this problem:

  • Take inspiration from nature – The trees, animals, the rains, the clouds, a beautiful sunset or sunrise, the vast horizons of a beach etc are great places to give you ideas. Look around and get inspired by nature

  • Again read a lot – Reading is a solution for many of your writing problems. Just pick up a favorite or another good book you have been putting off for sometime or anything else that is good. But read as much as you can. Ideas are bound to strike you in the middle of your reading process.

  • Use the power of research – Use social media platforms, or Google, or any other search engines to do research on your ideas. Ask questions in different forums and I am certain that multiple ideas will pop out. Choose what you like the best.

You are feeling unproductive and are lacking in confidence

Yes, feeling unproductive when your novel is stuck in the middle is a very difficult challenge to overcome. Unproductive feelings and lack of confidences are inter-related. If you can pick up your feeling of confidence, the other one will also get better. Here are some solutions to boost your confidence levels:

Don't fear anything or anyone – Fear is one of the biggest contributors to bring down confidence levels. While some amount of fear is good to keep you alert, panic-driven fear can control you and drive you into frenzy. Avoid this kind of a situation. Think of the worst thing that can happen and find a solution for that. You will then feel confident that you can handle the other problems easily.

Look inward and find that power that builds your confidence – confidence has nothing to do with reputation, skills, or age. It is an internal matter that you will have to look in the eye and face it fearlessly. Remind yourself of the various successes you have had till date. Remind yourself how you managed an earlier difficult situation. Remind yourself of the different compliments that people have given you for your skills and work.

Benefits of using a novel editing services

After overcoming all those challenges and more, perhaps, your novel is finally ready! Now, do you think your work is done and your novel is ready to be published? Well, not really! Another extremely important task is needed to be done and that is the editing of your novel.

No good novel has ever been published without the aid of a good editor. If you read the acknowledgments page of any book, the author would have named the editor somewhere on the top of his "thank you" list. For a novel, it is best to leave the editing work to a professional and here are the benefits of using a professional novel editing services provider:

A good editor can turn a mediocre novel into an exceptional work by ensuring all mistakes are corrected and the characters and plots are moving the way you intended them to move.

A good editor will give you valuable feedback on your writing style and what are the crippling factors in your style. He or she will also tell you how to overcome these challenges.

A good editor will be your mentor and an honest reviewer and will not mince words to tell you in case something is not right in your novel. He or she will not make any effort to be "politically correct" with you because your editor wants your novel to turn out the best way possible.

A good editor will not only tell you your mistakes but also will boost your confidence by talking to you about the strengths in your writing style and give you inputs on how to improve these strengths.

A good editor will let you understand what chance you have of achieving success with your novel. If the chances are slim, then he or she will not think twice to be upfront with you. You could think of redoing your work or taking some kind of corrective action.

Final Notes

It is not just difficult but also naïve to try and edit your novel by yourself. There are umpteen corrections and mistakes that you are bound to miss out because you have been working on this novel for such a long time making you not only tired but also highly subjective in your outlook.

At Prescott Papers, our range of editing and revision services can be of help to you. Additionally, our team of excellent and qualified writers can give you help with all kinds of academic writing services. Do not hesitate to call us for custom essays, college assignments, college projects, research papers, dissertations, and more.

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