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Personal Statement Editing Service

Personal Statement Editing Service

Before I go on to give you some tips on personal statement editing services, allow me to answer some questions on personal statements.

  • What is a personal statement? – It is an essay that is an extension of who you are and what kind of a person you are.

  • Why is it called a personal statement? – It is so called because it is about the person you are and hence personal. Since no two personalities can be perfectly identical, no two personal statements will ever be identical.

  • Why do you need a personal statement? – A personal statement is a mandatory document to be submitted while applying for a university course or even when applying for a job. This article is specifically for university applications.

Things to be included in a personal statement

You must write the reasons why you desire to study the course that you are applying for. What are the motivation factors? Talk about how your interest in this subject developed. Make sure your enthusiasm to study the course comes through clearly in the personal statement.

You must include the reasons why you believe that you will fit into the course perfectly. Include evidence why you fit the bill in terms of the course requirements. Clearly point out your understanding of the course and how you are prepared to manage it.

Talk about your experiences outside of classroom studies. You could include experiences of on-the-job training that you had while working for a firm that is involved in the same subject as the course you want to study. Talk about your internship if it is relevant and see if you can connect the internship project to the course. You could include volunteering services that you did.

Make sure your experiences in the personal statement are aligned to the course. Do not include those that have no connection to the subject. Avoid frivolity in your personal statement.

Demonstrate your transferable skills in the personal statement. Transferable skills are those skills that may not be directly connected to the course, but are transferable to improve the outcome of your course. These transferable skills are an essential aspect of a powerful personality. They include team building skills, leadership skills, time management, organizational skills, communication skills, and more. Make sure these skills are illustrated in your personal statement.

When you write about your relevant skills, do not merely list them as bullet points. Elaborate on each of them through stories from your life. These stories would ideally be your experiences when you learned the skills or experiences when you developed a latent skill or anything else. But, do elaborate on your talents.

Demonstrate your critical thinking ability. This ability is, perhaps, the most important one that is needed to complete your graduate course with flying colors. As you move up the educational ladder, you will see that learning is increasingly dependent on your thinking skills and decreasingly dependent on what your professor teaches you. As you earn higher degrees, you will see that your professors will only be your guides and show you the path. You will have to put on your critical thinking cap and learn as you move ahead along the path.

Include your long-term plan in the personal statement. While you may not have the perfect vision for long-term achievements, you should talk about what you are hoping to achieve after completing your university course.

Make your personal statement as positive as you can. Of course, you must also remember to make it sound realistic and not like you have some divine powers! What I mean to say is, when you talk about your weaknesses (which you must), talk about how difficult it was to learn about them and then how you found ways to overcome them.

Maintain a good voice and tone. By this, I mean while you have to be honest by being self-critical at times, it is important not to go overboard as well. You must remember to balance dignity with candor so that your personal statement reflects a person who is willing to learn from mistakes but also is confident about his or her set of skills and talents.

Do not be afraid to take risks at times. For example, it is actually good to use a seemingly simple story in your life and present it in the most dramatic form. It might seem like a risk to you that you have gone overboard and presented a simple incident in your life like the screenplay of a film with potential success. Just remember that the incident may seem ordinary but your perception and your learning from it is a very personal thing and could have easily been dramatic that others may have missed. A personal statement is that space where you should present your version of something seemingly ordinary in an extraordinary way.

Now that you have a good idea about what should be included in your personal statement, let us go into the importance of using a professional personal statement editing service.

Importance of a professional personal statement editing service

Despite the presence of a fabulous transcript, despite glowing recommendations from your previous professors, despite excellent feedback from the company where you did your internship, or despite multiple research papers, admissions officers will not be impressed if your personal statement is not up to required standards.

In order that you get the perfect outcome of your hard work, it is important that you use the services of an established and professional personal statement editor. Here are some benefits:

A good editor will provide you with a professional viewpoint about your personal statement. A good editor is in touch with writing and editing multiple personal statements. Hence, you will be able to leverage on the vast experience. The editor will point out those parts of the essay that are lacking in clarity.

A good editor will be knowledgeable about the requirements and prompts of admission committees. He or she will be able to give you valuable inputs on what the admission officers want to see in a good personal statement.

A good editor will ensure that the content in your personal statement flows seamlessly

A good editor will promptly tell you to delete those parts that are frivolous and add no value to the personal statement.

A good editor will help you structure your personal statement in an organized manner and in a logical order.

After being edited by a professional editor, you can rest assured that your personal statement is completely free from grammatical, punctuation, syntax, and spelling errors.

A good editor will find overuse or undue repetition of ideas or words or phrases that can annoy or distract the admission officer from the good parts of your personal statement.

Final Notes

A personal statement can make or break your entry into a great university of your choosing. From the time the prompts are issued out by the university, you must start putting your mind into the writing process.

Go back and forth in your life and find little tidbits that you may have forgotten or simply relegated to the background because they seemed unimportant. Make notes of these thoughts and match them with the prompts and choose a unique story for your personal statement.

Do not hesitate to look up the essay editing services from Prescott Papers before you finalize your personal statement. Ensure that your chances of getting your choice of university are optimally high by preparing an excellent personal statement that is bound to stand out. Wow the admission officers by making sure your essay is edited by the best and the most qualified editors.

At Prescott Papers, our teams of qualified and professional writers and editors will be happy to help you with all your academic writing and editing needs. Call us for custom essays, assignments, research papers, dissertations, and more.

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