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Do you have valuable information to share with others, but you just cannot get the written words to flow smoothly? Should you be penalized if your writing does not accurately reflect your knowledge?

Writing is a totally separate skill from learning the meat of any subject. Just because you have difficulty putting your knowledge into prose that flows well does not mean that you are not as intelligent as the person whose words flow well. For example, you might be a brilliant mathematician and yet find it difficult to put your insight into prose that is well written and, therefore, easy to understand.

Unfortunately, you will not be judged by the ideas that are lodged in your brain but by the information you have been able to convey in the written word. Our professional rewriting online service is just what you need in order to share your knowledge with the world.

Or perhaps you do not have a new idea. Maybe there are several of you who have the same theory, and you are all in a competition to see who will get the government grant for the research necessary to test out the theory. You can be sure that the person whose grant is written best will be the one to win that money.

Redoing from rubric

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I did a paper completely wrong. Paid them to redo it A.S.A.P. and they delivered. Friendly customer service as well.

Submitted by Amit on 00 December, 2015

Your Situation – Hopeless?

Have you deleted version after version of a term paper, some academic research, or perhaps even a book that you are trying to get out of your head and onto paper?

Don’t give up. Just get those words down on paper in whatever form you can.

Bad grammar? Forget about it.

Punctuation and spelling errors? Don’t give it another thought.

Poor writing? Not a problem.

This is where professional rewriting of your content can provide the difference between giving up on your document and forging ahead into a bright future. High quality writing will take you where you want to go.

The Purpose of the Best Rewriting Online?

Maybe you do not have a brilliant book trying to escape from your mind. Instead, you might have someone else’s content that you want to rewrite as your own without plagiarizing. Or perhaps you just want to rewrite some text to make it better. Whatever reason you have for rewriting, using our rewriting service can solve your problems.

The purpose of rewriting is to:

  • change the wording of text

  • keep the original meaning

  • maintain the intention of the author

  • make the text easy to read

  • paraphrase or summarize someone else’s work for use in an academic paper

  • make the text 100% original and plagiarism free

You have the content. We provide the writing expertise. Rewriting your own material can be next to impossible. Very often you have worked with the information so long that it is difficult for you to identify where a reader might have trouble interpreting the meaning.

After your personally-assigned, native English-speaking editor reviews your document, he or she will then discuss any issues that need clarification from you. While our editor is working on your document, your time can be used more fruitfully – even if it is only just to relax after putting in long hours on your document.

What Types of Documents Can Our Rewriting Online Service Provide?

Because writing is a skill separate from the knowledge of any discipline, all of our excellent editors can rewrite documents in pretty much any field. However, even though that is true, our editors have expertise across many fields and specialize in rewriting:

  • articles for the web

  • sales pages

  • academic essays

  • resumes and curriculum vitae

  • books of all kinds

  • technical manuals

  • instruction manuals

  • research papers

  • dissertations

  • journal submissions

Our Editors

Unlike other rewriting services, we vet, train, and monitor all our editors on an ongoing basis. They are bilingual or native English speakers who are well educated and have years of experience. They love editing and enjoy the feeling of complete satisfaction when they turn over a superb piece of content to you.


You can be confident about the quality of the writing you will receive from us. It will be exactly what you want. If there is still some text that you are not happy with, just let us know, and your editor will revise it until it reads the way you prefer.

Our company thrives on relationships. We will do whatever is needed to make your experience with us stress-free and rewarding. We want you to return to us every time you need the best rewriting service.

Because we expect you to be a satisfied, repeat client, we stand behind the work our editors do. We will not be satisfied until the document is exactly the way you want.


Whatever document you give us is 100% private and will never be shared with anyone. Each of our editors has signed a confidentiality agreement and is legally bound to keep all your personal data completely private.

The state-of-the-art encryption on our internet means your document will be private whenever it is transmitted to or from us.

Turnaround Time

The time needed to rewrite your document will be determined by both the length and complexity of the document. We would like to meet with you online to discuss your deadline. We are flexible enough that we expect to have no trouble meeting the timeframe you need.

Please email us at support@prescottpapers.com to find out how we can help you. We look forward to working with you.

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