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Prescott Papers’ services go beyond just essays, critiques and assignments. Unlike other custom writing services that only focus on custom writing and pre-written essays, Prescott Papers offers various miscellaneous services as well. These services are mainly academic, but business services are also available.

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I have been working with Greg since my freshman year of college. I've ordered stuff from admissions essays to spreadsheets to papers to PowerPoints and Prezis. It's perfect as is 90% of the time and they make free edits whenever I ask. I am about to graduate and I'm not sure where I'd be without them.

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Revisions and Editing: Not Just for Custom Essays

One miscellaneous service that is available at Prescott Papers is editing and revision. This is separate from the unlimited editing on a custom essay. With this service, the customer gives their already written project to Prescott Papers. Then, an assigned representative can review the writing for grammar and spelling errors. They can help with word flow, phrasing and formatting. The goal is to make the essay look more polished and presentable. Prescott Paper can do this for you, and the paper that you turn in to your professor will be free of errors and result in a great grade.

For example: you just wrote a 5 page paper in which you have to analyze a painting from the renaissance period for that art history course you are taking as an elective. You may feel that you did a good job in catching all the grammatical and spelling errors, but it never hurts to have another set of eyes look at the essay for you. Now, you may ask: "Why not just ask one of my fellow classmates, or even the professor himself to look at it?" That's a good point, but your classmates are busy with their own college work. Professors are only available at specific times and are extremely busy. By employing a professional academic assistance service like Prescott Papers, you can have an expert look at your finished product with fresh eyes.

PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentations are another miscellaneous service online at Prescott Papers. How many times have you had to create a PowerPoint presentation to present in front of your fellow classmates. With this miscellaneous service, you can have your PowerPoint presentation created for you. This would include slide and manipulation. You can even have Prescott Papers include speaker for you to use during the presentation.

For instance, you have to give a presentation on Saturn and its moons for an Astronomy course. You want to have an engaging PowerPoint for you, but with all your other coursework and your job, you don't have the time to put it together and make it stand out. Why not have a representative at Prescott Papers do that for you and take the weight off your shoulders. They can organize the slides and include images, all based on your exact specifications. You can receive a PowerPoint presentation that really enhances your overall presentation about Saturn.

Computer Science

Are you taking a computer science or programming and are in over your head? Have you discovered that while you are computer literate and internet savvy, you have a hard time grasping the concepts of computer programming? Computer science and programming are also included in Prescott Papers' services. You can have a custom program that you have to have done for a project created by a skilled programmer at Prescott Papers. Prescott papers employs computer science and programming experts that can complete those custom programs and databases for you. They can even work with you in completing a hard programming assignment, helping you learn more about programming in the process.

Data Analysis and Management

Prescott Papers also offers data analysis and management as one of their misc services. You can employ Prescott Papers to analyze data and see trends. If you're a college student taking a data analysis course, Prescott Papers can work on data analysis assignments. They can also help with accounting, data manipulation and management, not only for college students, but also for businesses.

Mathematics, especially high-level mathematics, can be difficult for many people to grasp. Prescott Papers can assist you with any math work that you have. They can employ experts in all levels of mathematics. For example, Susan is taking a course in discrete mathematics. She has been great in mathematics all her life and gotten As in every math course she's taken. However, this level of math is proving to be difficult, so she takes it upon herself to use one of Prescott Papers' services and pay them to have one of their math experts assist her through the course. In a way, this helps Susan gain a better understanding of the material.

Other Services and Benefits

There are other miscellaneous college services available at Prescott Papers. For example, you can place an order to have an expert in Photoshop at Prescott Papers manipulate an image to your specifications. Are you graduating soon and looking for a job in your field? Have someone at Prescott Papers work on your resume, so you can make the best impression. Are there multiple choice questions that you have difficulty answering, a spreadsheet that you need to have created, or some field research done for a science course? Prescott Papers can do all of that for you as well.

The best part is, all this work will be done by experts. There are rush orders available, with overnight and same day delivery. Support is available 24/7 by phone and email and Prescott Paper will be happy to answer questions about your particular order. Plus, using Prescott Papers' services for these miscellaneous tasks will save you time and free you up for other obligations, so take advantage of these services.

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