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Denise and Jane are walking down to the University commons on a sunny afternoon during the spring semester. “Anything new with your classes?” Denise asks Jane. “Midterms, “Jane replies, rolling her eyes. “I’m going crazy studying for them. I never want to read anything by Chaucer again. And I’ve got this stupid article review for Anthropology.”

“What’s it about and why is it stupid?” asks Denise.

“Well, it’s an article written by this renowned Anthropologist who studies ancient cultures in Latin America. He’s an expert on the Mayans and he wrote an article about their behavior and customs. I’m supposed to have a review of article done in a few days and I haven’t even started it.” Jane sighs and adds, “I’m the point where I’d rather pay someone to do my article review for me. Can you believe that?”

“Actually I can,” says Denise. “It sounds like you are really stressed and you are not the first college student to pay someone to do their work for them, even to pay for an article review.

“Well, I might do just that, “ says Jane, who starts to feel a huge weight lifted off her shoulders. “It’ll save me time. I can focus more on studying for my midterms and my other class assignments."

Review/Reflect Paper - ENG 201

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Submitted by Dan F. on 28 January, 2014

What An Article Review Is?

What is an article review, you ask? It's a review of an article. In college, a professor can assign an scholarly article to a student to review. What are the important points that can be made about article reviews.

  1. The target audience knows about the subject and context covered in the article.

  2. Because of your target audience, you need to only summarize the main points of the article, as well as any arguments, findings and positions. Then, you need to provide a critique of the article for the rest of your paper.

This article you'll have to review will be related to the subject matter the professor is teaching in the course. As stated above, you have to actually critique the assigned article, not just give an opinion of it. You have to use your analytical, creative and writing skills to produce a well-written review.

Certain students may have a hard time applying these skills, especially when they are getting bogged down with coursework from other professors. For example, in the scenario at the beginning of this article, you can see that Jane has midterms coming up. She needs to take her time studying for them, and having a article review due just adds to the stress. Fortunately for her, and for you, there are other options.

Why Buy an Article Review from Prescott Papers

If you buy a article review online about the article that you have been assigned, and it is one that is already complete, you run the risk of being downgraded or even suspended for plagiarism if you turn it in as is. Even if you tweak the work to make it your own, the professor may have suspicions. You'll be using work also used by other students. Those other students have also taken it upon themselves to buy article reviews online, edit them and turn them in as their own work. For all you know, there could've been a student that's taken the same class with the same professor., that's bought and used that same article review.

Why buy article reviews and risk being accused of plagiarism. The benefit of ordering a custom article review at Prescott Papers is that you'll receive back 100% unique content. All you need to do is give us the article you have been assigned, and the format requirements, and an Ivy-League professor or graduate will complete a high-quality article review for you. We use scholars that are experts in many fields of study. For example, if the article you have to review relates to the Restoration period after the Civil War, we'll employ a history professor that specializes in that area of history. The Ivy-League graduate or professor assigned to write your article review also had to write their own article reviews during their academic career. Therefore, they know what needs to be done In an article review to ensure it gets a great grade.

Plus, if you purchase a article review online from Prescott Papers, you'll have 24/7 support available to you. If your professor requests that you make a change in the article review, unlimited editing is included in your order, at no additional charge. Plus, Prescott Papers maintains a high-level of confidentiality. Your communications, transactions, and article review order will not be shared with anyone, not even your own professor.

If you are a procrastinator, then do not worry. When you purchase a article review as a rush order, overnight and same-day delivery is guaranteed. Since we use experts that are already knowledgeable about many subjects, including the subject your assigned article is about, we can make this promise. We'll even work to find an Ivy-League professor or graduate that has already read the assigned article, so that the order can be completed even faster for you.

Using This Service For Your Article Reviews Saves You Time

Overall, the benefits you have when you order a custom article review from Prescott Papers far outweighs the risk. I'm not only talking about the benefits that have already been mentioned above. You'll also have more time to not only do work for your other classes, but to relax and also enjoy yourself.

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