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Professors give assignments to be done in class and at home after almost every class session when you are in school. These assignments can include the following:

  1. Group Work - You have to participate in a group and work on reaching the conclusion to a problem, or work on creating a presentation on a reading to give in front of the class.

  2. Individual work such as doing an experiment in Chemistry lab, or creating a computer program for your computer programming course.

These class assignments are a nice break from listening to your professor just give a lecture. They allow you to be interactive during class and engage with the material. Plus, the professor is there if you have any questions.

But this next example seems to always happen in college. Your professor gives this assignment to your class to work on the rest of the class time – about 20 minutes. This is after she lectured for the first 20 minutes of class. You try hard to finish before the end of class, but you can’t. Now, you have to take the assignment home and have it finished by the next class session in two days. But you also have a 20-page research paper that’s due in two days as well that you need to write, and you were hoping to use your homework time for the next two days for that purpose. Now, you have to spend some that time on this assignment. However, when you complain to your friend about this, they give you a better idea.

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You: “Have someone do my assignment for me? Won’t that be seen as cheating?”

Friend: “Your professor doesn’t have to know. It would be a custom assignment, done by an Ivy-League graduate and professor. If you are still worried, Prescott papers offers academic help as well.

You: That might be a good idea. I really need to focus on that research paper I need to write for French.

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  6. Prescott Papers can also help you with assignments that you are already working on. Unlike some other companies that you can buy assignments online from, Prescott Papers offers academic assistance. For example, if you are having difficulty answering a complicated engineering problem, we can have someone who is an Ivy-League engineering professor or graduate look at it for you and help guide you towards the correct solution.

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Prescott Papers is far and beyond the best service for your needs. Go ahead and give them a try today, especially since you don’t need to pay any money upfront until you see some work from us.

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