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The Dreaded Book Critique

If you're an English major, you’ve had to read plenty of books in college, and write essays analyzing them. The book critique can be the bane of every English major’s existence. In order to write a critique of a book, you have to really get down to the gritty parts of the story. You have to be analytical and read, for example, an important chapter in Bronte’s Jane Eyre until you want to scratch your eyeballs out of your sockets.

This doesn't only apply to English majors, though. Maybe you've decided to take a literature course as an elective. One of your assignments is to write a book critique. When you realize that it’s more than just reviewing the book, you may start to regret taking the course. The purpose of the book critique is to look deeper into the book itself. It involves evaluating the characters in the book, why they act a certain way and what their motives are in regards to the main plotline. You’ll also have to analyze the important events in the book that drive the story closer to its climax.

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The work that they did was well done. Make sure to give all of your instructions to them upfront so that there is no need to edit. I needed to make a request for an edit, which slowed the process down a little. It was perfect after that though. *thumbs up*

Submitted by Sam B. on 04 March, 2016

The Options for Completing a Book Critique

If you've never done a book critique before, you may find the whole process nerve wracking. If you pride yourself on getting great grades in all your classes, you may not like putting in the minimal amount of effort to get the book critique done, just to get a passing grade. But that is one way you can complete the assignment.

Could you just buy a book critique on your assigned book that is already completed from one of those online essay mills? That is possible, but extremely risky. Even if you tweak it, the professor can still suspect plagiarism. Besides, you would not have been the only student to buy book critiques that are already finished. This is evident by the number of websites that allow you to buy book critiques online.

It can also be stressful to complete a book critique when you also have work for all your other classes. For example, you could have reading assignments for 3 of your classes, a research paper due in 1 class, and exams to study for. All this workload may lead you to wonder: “Could I pay someone else to do my book critique?” Of course you can. There are many custom writing websites out there, and Prescott Papers is one of the best.

The Benefits Of Using Prescott Papers

Pay for a book critique from Prescott Papers and you'll receive a custom book critique written by a professor from high quality educational institution or a PhD that is focused on the study of the genre of English Literature that your assigned book belongs in. The content in the book critique will be completely unique. There is no risk of plagiarism.

With unlimited editing included for free when you purchase a book critique from Prescott Papers, we can make any changes you request. That way, you still have a hand in making the work your own. Support by phone and email is also available to you, no matter what day or hour it is. We want us to be able to reach us at anytime with questions or concerns about your order.

Have you waited until the last minute to look at your book critique assignment? Have you been so busy with work from other classes that you’ve completely forgotten about that boring piece of literature you have to read? A great benefit you get when you buy a book critique online from Prescott Papers is same day and overnight delivery. Rush orders are always accepted. However, keep in mind that orders that have very short notices are subject to availability. It’s always best to not wait until the last-minute to ask for help. But this option is great if you prefer getting a good night's sleep to staying up all night slaving away at the critique.

When you purchase a book critique online from Prescott Papers, you'll receive back a well-written critique formatted to your specifications. Our Ivy-League graduates are familiar with all the writing styles required in college courses, including MLA and APA. Since they were college students who had to write their own book critiques, they know how to best write the critique for you so that you can get a great grade.

The Book Critique Service at Prescott Papers –Academic Assistance

Prescott Papers doesn't just do custom writing on assignments like book critiques. If you have actually written a book critique, but are nervous about it being done correctly, an Ivy-League professor or graduate can provide academic assistance regarding the book critique. The advantages that come with this academic help are as follows:

  1. Your completed, or almost completed book critique will be looked at by an objective Ivy-League graduate. It always helps to have a new set of eyes, especially when they belong to someone who has never interacted with you, take a look at your work. They can make sure you've formatted the book critique correctly, give suggestions on how to make the book critique stand out, and even edit it for you.

  2. If you choose to get academic assistance on your book critique from Prescott Papers, you will get tips and tricks on how to better write your own book critique in the future.


To pull this article all together, when you buy a book critique from Prescott Papers, you'll have more time to relax, as well as devote yourself to your other classes and studies.

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