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Maybe there’s a brand new cancer research facility in your town, or maybe a new wing of the hospital. What is the one thing they needed in order to be built? Money. Money is needed for those big projects, and the purpose of a grant proposal is to convince people and entities to provide that money. Now, let’s bring this talk about grant proposals to the land of academia. Whether you are an undergraduate student or a doctoral candidate doing research on the biology of birds, you will, most likely, need to write a grant proposal to secure academic funding for your research.

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The Grant Writing Process

Per The Writing Center at University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill (http://writingcenter.unc.edu/handouts/grant-proposals-or-give-me-the-money/), the follow is the process that should followed when it comes to an academic grant proposal.

  1. Your focus and needs need to be defined before you start writing the proposal

  2. You need to find prospective grant programs and agencies that specialize in academic funding.

  3. When you writing your grant proposal, you need to pay attention to your audience, the style you are writing the proposal in and develop the budget.

  4. You also need to organize the grant proposal into these parts:

  1. A front page that showcases a brief title, names of the grant funding agency you are proposing to, etc. (see website linked above for more info)

  2. A first impression of your proposal – done as an abstract. Your audience, which is the grant funding agency, can look back at this abstract when they are making final decision on whether to give you grant money for your research.

  3. An introduction showing the important parts of your proposal. Here is where you would include the reasoning for your research, your goals and objectives, and the significance that the research has.

  4. Any research you have done that relates to the grant proposal also needs to be included.

  5. A narrative that provides all the details of your project that you need funding for.

  6. The staffing that you will require to complete your research.

  7. A budget – you need to show how much this will cost. It is ideal to include this part in a spreadsheet.

  8. The timeframe needed to complete the research. Grant funding agencies will expect you to go into detail about how long each step of the research will take.

An example of a grant proposal can also be found at the UNC-Chapel Hill Writing Center website, already linked above.

As you can see, writing a grant proposal is a lot of work. What if you are anxious about writing the grant proposal yourself? After all, if you are considering this, then you must really need money for the reason and want to ensure you are doing everything you can to get it. But, have you ever wondered: “Are there custom writing services out there who will do my grant proposal or at least help me with it?” The answer is Prescott Papers.

Benefits of Having Prescott Papers Do Your Grant Proposals

  1. When you buy a grant proposal from Prescott Papers, it will be a custom grant proposal that is exclusive and completely unlike any other grant proposal out there. The people you are trying to solicit money for your academic funding from will be impressed, and you’re much more likely to get that money.

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  3. Unlimited revisions are also included when you pay for a grant proposal from Prescott Papers. You are probably going to have to apply to several grant funding programs when you are trying to obtain money, and you need to make sure each proposal is addressed to them specifically. These people need to feel as if you are talking directly to them. We can edit your proposal to be directed at each individual grant program, at no extra charge.

  4. We have a 100% confidentiality guarantee when you pay for a grant proposal from Prescott Papers. We never give anyone your information, so you don’t have to worry about someone finding out how you are trying to get money for your academic research.

  5. Buy a grant proposal online from Prescott Papers, and you’ll have an Ivy-League graduate work on it for you. Many of our experts we use have had to do their own academic research and secure their own funding, so they know the best way to help you ensure that you also get the funding for your research.

  6. Rush orders are always available for those people who are procrastinators. Grant proposals are mostly going to be done by fourth year undergrads, and graduate students. But procrastination is a hard habit to break. That’s why we offer same-day and overnight completion when you buy grant proposals from us.

  7. You also save time when you purchase a grant proposal online from us. You can spend more time preparing for the actual research, and also completing your other course work for your other classes. Other doctoral students have chosen to buy grant proposals online from Prescott Papers because they were able to spend more time completing their other coursework, such as working on their dissertation.

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