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Homework is a common thing during your school years. It continues in college, but the work is more complex and takes up much more of your time. Homework is exactly what it says it is – it’s work you do at home, outside of the classroom. It’s meant to help you reiterate what you learned in class. Professors assign it and grade it because they want to see that you are effectively learning what they are teaching you. It also helps them to see where you need to improve.

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In college, homework is not commonplace for all majors, so it really depends on what you’re studying if you’ll get homework regularly. Engineering and Science students will typically have homework that they need to complete, unless they want to fail the course. Often, their homework involves trying to solve complicated problems that require a lot of thought. It’s the same for humanities courses. A history professor might require you to write one or two essays a week in response to required reading. For example, let’s say you are taking a course on the Russian Empire, and you have to do a 1-page essay answering questions about a reading on Catherine the Great. The work is assigned on a Tuesday, and you have to have it done by the next class on Thursday.

Here are some real world examples of homework assignments

  1. A programming homework shown here: http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/31183/class-file-for-homework-assignments

  2. An applied mathematics problem sheet, which is shown here: https://www.overleaf.com/latex/examples/homework-template-methods-of-applied-mathematics-problem-set-1/ynkwyhyryzzt#.VwF7HFQrJuk

  3. The Haiku assignment found at https://www.prescottpapers.com/samples/Example-Haiku-for-College-English--Wayne-County-Community-College-District-WCCCD.php .

College Homework is Busywork

Having to do homework in college is equivalent to having a full-time job. If you are working while going to school, this makes your life busy and can get stressful. In college, you can’t wait until an hour before class begins to do your homework that’s due that day. You can’t do it in class either, because the professor will expect you to turn it in at the beginning of class. In college, class time is meant for lecture and discussion, not for catching up on homework. You have to plan your own time for doing homework. If you’re taking five classes, a full 15 credit hours, this can lead to a lot of busy time, and very little free time.

Using Prescott Papers

Now, here’s something you may ask yourself: “What if I had someone do my homework for me, or what if I buy homework help online?” Both of those options are available through Prescott Papers. Here, we use Ivy-League professors and graduates who know what’s it like to spend hours of your own time working on homework. Also, because they graduated from highly esteemed schools, you can expect that the work you get when you buy homework online at Prescott Papers to be high in quality and free of any spelling and grammatical errors. It will also be 100% unique. You will only receive custom homework from Prescott Papers. That’s why students have chosen to buy their homeworks online at Prescott Papers.

Other Benefits of Prescott Papers

  1. You’ll have support available to you from the moment you are try to place your order, all the way through to the final product. That support will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone and email. You are able to ask questions of us at any time. If a change needs to be made on a particular homework, you can contact us, and we will give that information to the expert working on your homework order.

  2. This brings us to another benefit you gain when you purchase homework online at Prescott Papers. You get unlimited editing and revision. If you get back finished homework from us, and find an error, we can fix it for you at no additional charge. The only thing we ask is to have up to three days to make the change.

  3. As addressed above, you are guaranteed to be extremely busy during your college years if you are a full-time student. When you purchase homework from Prescott Papers, you’ll have more time to devote to your other studies. You can work more at that job, thus earning more money for the things you want to buy. You can also spend a bit more time relaxing and enjoying life.

  4. Overnight and same-day orders are also available to you when you pay for a homework to be done at Prescott Papers. How many times have you waited until the day before homework was due to start working on? How many times has a professor assigned a homework to you to be turned in by the next class in two days, and you have all this other studying to do for your other classes? Our acceptance of rush order requests is another reason why other students buy homeworks online at Prescott Papers.

  5. We also provide academic assistance with homework. This is beneficial if you’ve already done a majority of the work. Our Ivy-League professors and graduates specialize in countless subjects. If you are having trouble completing homework, we will be happy to help you. For example, let’s say you have to answer some algebra questions for math class. You’ve been able to answer most of the questions, but are stuck on the answers for three of them. A math expert who graduated from an Ivy-League institution like Yale can help guide you toward the correct answer.

Overall, whether you buy homework to be custom done at Prescott Papers, or you pay for academic assistance from us, you’ll be making the right choice.

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