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Another type of paper written by college students is the journal critique. With this, you need to critique a journal article about the field that you are studying. For example, a student majoring in mathematics who is taking a class in numerical theory may have to write a critique on a journal article on the subject. Another example is a public health major, who we will call Andrea, that has to critique a journal article on the recent Ebola epidemic. In each example, the students are expected to give their qualified opinion on the journal article, applying their knowledge from what they learned in class to think critically about the article.

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When the Journal Critique Provides More Stress Than Necessary

However, let's say the Andrea is also extremely busy with other classes. She has a research paper due for a science class, 55 pages of textbook reading to complete for multiple courses, and exams to study for. Plus, just to add additional stress, she has a part-time job waitressing at a restaurant, and her manager expects her to work double shifts at least once a week. Her journal critique is due in a week, and she has not even started it. Now, could she buy a journal critique that is already complete and edit it. She could, but she would risk being accused of plagiarism and possibly expelled. She could be like some other students who chose to buy journal critiques that are already completed, but that work may be of lower quality. When you buy journal critiques online that are complete, but possibly written by amateurs, you risk being given a bad grade by your professor.

Why Use a Company like Prescott Papers for Journal Critiques?

But if Andrea chooses to buy a journal critique online from a custom essay writing service like Prescott Papers, there will be no risk of plagiarism. That is because when you purchase a j ournal critique online from Prescott Papers, you will only get back a completely unique critique. The expert that works on the journal critique for you will rely on their own knowledge to provide a qualified opinion of the article, including its author, its purpose and the main points of the article. They won't have the need to copy someone else's work.

Also, when you order a custom journal critique from Prescott Papers, you are guaranteed to get back a critique written by a qualified, ivy-league graduate who is an expert in the field of study the journal is written in. So, if Andrea, the public health major, makes the decision to purchase a journal critique from Prescott Papers, it'll be completed by either a public health professor or graduate from an ivy-league university.

We rely on experts who are already knowledgeable in a particular subject area to work on journal critiques because it saves you time. If you need a journal critique urgently, we provide same day and overnight delivery. Having the work done by an ivy-league scholar who is specializing in the area of study the journal is written in helps us keep this promise to you. When you pay for a journal critique that will be custom-written according to your specifications, you can feel good knowing you will still turn in high-quality work.

Let's go back to the public health major – Andrea. Andrea has just gotten back from her job as a waitress at a local diner. She's getting ready to settle in for the night when her friend calls. The friend is stressing out because she also has a journal critique due in two days and she hasn't started on it. Like Andrea, this friend has a full course load with multiple assignments, but has a full–time job. Andrea tells her about Prescott Papers, saying, "I relied on them to do my journal critique and they came through with flying colors. I got an A from the professor and I had more time to devote to my other studies and work. Plus, I could actually find the time to relax and have some fun." Andrea touched on another benefit of using Prescott Papers. You can have more time to relax, knowing your journal critique is in the hands of qualified ivy-league experts. At Prescott Papers, there is no sacrifice on quality.

What If You Already Have a Journal Critique Written

If you have already read the assigned journal article, and have already started writing your critique yourself, then great for you. However, maybe you're having doubts about your work and are wondering if someone can help you. Someone that is objective and doesn't know you. Prescott Papers can also provide academic assistance, editing and revision on journal critiques that you have already completed, or at least don a substantial amount of work on. Our Ivy-League graduates and professors can take a look at your work, and assist you on your way to a journal critique that will stand out. They can help you format it correctly and write it in the style of writing required by your professor.


No matter how you choose to use Prescott Papers for your journal critique, you'll feel safe because 100% confidentiality is a guarantee with us. We are available all hours of the day, any day of the week to answer your questions regarding your order. Please consider ordering a custom journal critique from Prescott Papers today.

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