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Remember being excited when it was time to watch a movie in class? You probably thought, "Great, time to sleep" or "Awesome, I don't have to listen to a boring lecture today." Many students look forward to having a break from the mundane routine of listening to their professor speak and the pressure to participate in class discussions.

Film as Literature / ENG 434

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To everyone who is wondering if they should place an order - do it! I am EXTREMELY satisfied with this project. They really pulled all the stops. Perfect formatting and references. Concepts from the whole course were incorporated. Nice figures and images where needed. Really a stellar and professional job.

Submitted by Hillary on 06 November, 2015

Let's say that is the case for a South African history class you are taking. The professor has announced that, for the next three days, the entire time in class will be devoted to watching a movie based in South Africa. It's a film about Mandela and apartheid. Before the professor starts the movie, he mentions it may be a good idea to take notes during the movie. He says that because he is going to assign a movie review assignment to the class. You sigh and realize this isn't going to be an opportunity to get some shut-eye. You settle in with your pen and paper and take notes as you watch the film.

When it comes to writing a movie review for college, you don't just provide your opinion of the movie. You analyze it to see how it relates to the content of the course. That film about Mandela that you have to watch? You need to state in your movie review what significance it has to your South African history class. You need to look deeply at the content of the film and relate it to the course material. Of course, you will also need to provide a summary of the film and give your opinion as well. But it’s always easy to write about your opinion.

The Need to Buy a Movie Review from Prescott Papers

Now, why would you need to buy a movie review online? Surely, it can’t be that hard to analyze a film in terms of what you’ve been learning in class. Plus, who else is more qualified to give your opinion than you? Now, giving an opinion is one thing, but applying analytical thinking? That is another. Some people are just not very good at using analytical skills. They have a hard time connecting points illustrated in the film to course material. If they purchase a movie review from a custom writing service such as Prescott Papers, an Ivy-League graduate or professor who has excellent analytical skills can be used to write an excellent custom movie review.

There is also the issue of time. In the example above, you are watching the movie in class, so you are not doing it on your own time. But you still have to write the paper in your own time, along with all your other college coursework. There may be a time when you’d rather spend extra time on that hard research paper you have to do, or studying for a hard exam. If you purchase a movie review online at Prescott Papers, you’ll have more time to concentrate on your other work.

You may ask: “Why pay to have Prescott Papers do my movie review when I could have them do my other work instead?” That’s a good point, but maybe you’ve already done so much work already on a harder task like your research paper. Besides, the typical movie review you have to write in college is only about 2-3 pages, whereas a research paper can be as much as 20 pages. Therefore, ordering a custom movie review is less expensive.

Other benefits of Having Prescott Papers Do Your Movie Review

  1. Someone is always available by phone and email – no matter what day or hour it is - to help you with your order and answer any questions about your movie review project. There is even a chat on the website but that is not online all the time. For example, let’s say there’s a student named Ashley who is really having trouble writing her movie review. Her professor is not available and it’s due in a week. She decides to go to prescottpapers.com and place an order. But she has trouble with that also, and the chat is offline. So, she calls support and gets a representative on the line to help her place her order. The support she receives from that point on makes her really happy she decided to pay for a movie review from Prescott Papers.

  2. Prescott Papers can take rush orders, and they can do same-day and overnight delivery. This is great for those procrastinators out there, and one of the reasons why students have chosen to buy movie reviews online from Prescott Papers. For example, let’s say you wait until the day before it’s due to start writing that movie review on that Mandela film (refer to the example at the beginning of this article). All you have to do is place a rush order on prescottpapers.com, and you’ll get back a finished custom movie review in less than a day.

  3. Another question you may be asking: “Why buy movie reviews? Even if they are unique, it’s still not going to be my opinion.” Well, we don’t have to write your entire movie review, even if it means more money for us. Academic help is also offered at Prescott Papers. For example, Fred has no trouble writing about his opinion on a documentary he had to watch for his film class, nor does he have any trouble summarizing the film. But when it comes to critically analyzing it and relating it to the course material. He is having trouble with that part. He can pay to have a professional writer at Prescott Papers work with him on getting that part of the movie review done.

As illustrated above, Prescott Papers is a great choice when it comes to choosing a custom writing service for your college movie review.

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