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The Growth and Popularity of Online Writing

As the internet has grown, the amount of writing online has grown significantly. There’s web content writing for websites, more e-books are being written, and a lot of people write blogs about various topics. These topics can range from style and celebrity to money and the stock market. With the growth of online writing, an increase in online writers also occurs. These are not just professional writers and journalists. These are also amateur writers who have knowledge in numerous topics. Online writing has grown in general because there are more opportunities for people to make money by writing online.

Why is online writing so popular? For one, people are more mobile these days. They are often on the go from one place to another because they have busy lives. In places like New York and Chicago, they often have to spend time on public transit, such as the bus and the subway, getting to work, or wherever it is they need to be. With smartphones and tablets comes the internet, where any type of online writing is located. People can catch up on the latest Time articles, or read blogs on their mobile devices while taking public transportation to work. Therefore, online writer is more convenient for people’s busy lifestyle.

Online writing is also more popular these days because, depending on the subject, it can be simple, concise and fun to read. People like to read stuff that allows them to unwind and not have to think too much. They use reading as a way to escape from their hectic lives, and will be attracted to the content that writers online produce for this reason. It also helps that people write about all kinds of subjects online. It means people can be picky about what they choose to read in their spare time. For example, a police officer who has come home after a long day that included arresting a highly dangerous criminal will not want to read an online article about crime.

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Now, writers online don’t just produce fun content. They also work for money to write academic and business content that is not only beneficial to many people, but fulfills the needs of people who want to have a professional writer do their work.

Academic Writing

One type of online writing that has really grown is online academic writing. There are writers online who will write your essay, your pesky research paper, or even your complex dissertation, as long you pay them. You would think the money factor would deter college students away from this practice because most college students find themselves low on funds, but you would be wrong. A lot of college students, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, hire writers online to write their academic assignments, papers and essays because it saves them time. They have more time to spend with friends and do other class work.

Another reason why academic writing is so popular is the number of Master and PhD level writers who will write these academic papers. Students flock to services that offer those types of elite writers because they want their paper to be well-written. If they can get a Master or PhD level writer who specializes in the topic they are writing about, and also knows all about college writing because they’ve been there, all the better. Students also know if they pay those types of writers to write their papers, there will be no plagiarism. This is important because if a student is found guilty of plagiarism, they can get expelled from their university.

Here are the types of academic writing offered by professional writers online:

  1. Research papers - a long paper where you have to pick a topic, research it extensively and write about it.

  2. Thesis – This is often used interchangeably with dissertation. It is a common work for students working on their master degrees.

  3. Dissertation – this is a requirement for most PhD candidates, and can take up a lot of time. You can expect to spend more money if you choose to have a professional work on this for you.

  4. Essays – these are varied types of works that can have a range of characteristics. An essay can be subjective and include your thoughts and feelings. It can be one written in an objective tone that is completely neutral and based on the facts. Regardless of the type of essay you need, you’ll find an academic writer willing to write it for you.

  5. Book critiques - a paper critiquing a book you have to read for class.

  6. Journal critiques – a paper in which you have to write a critique of a journal article. This usually happens in psychology and science courses.

  7. Reaction paper – a paper in which you write your reaction to a particular piece of work assigned by your professor.

  8. Term papers – This is much like a research paper. You have to pick a topic at the beginning of the term, research it, and at the end of the term – write a paper regarding that research while incorporating what you learned in class.

Business Writing

Online business writing has also grown significantly. People are looking for online business writers to write all sorts of business documents, including:

  1. Resumes - a document that showcases your skills, accomplishments and education

  2. Business plans – commonly needed by new business owners, including freelancers.

  3. Curriculum Vitae – this is similar to a resume, but it doesn’t just have your skills, accomplishments, and education. It also includes details on your teaching career, the books and journals that you’ve written. You will have a curriculum vita if you are a college professor.

  4. Cover letters - these accompany the resume when you are applying for job. Their main purpose is to sell you to the potential employer.

  5. Grants – this is commonly done by non-profit businesses, hospitals and clinics looking for money for something that they need.

  6. Business reports – these include annual sales reports, budget reports and monthly reports stating updates from different departments in the company.

  7. Brochures – companies need brochures that detail the products and services that they offer. They can choose to hire professional writers online who will write those brochures in a way that helps sell those products and services. As a result of a well-written brochure, a company’s bottom line can increase significantly.

The businesses choosing to pay for these writers are mostly small and medium size businesses that are saving money by using online freelance business writers as much as possible. Actually, any size business will choose to pay writers online to write all kinds of business documents, not just the ones discussed above, to save money. It is beneficial for them to do this when business is slowing down for them, or they have not gained enough capital to hire their own internal writers.

Other Types of Online Writing

There are also online writers for other purposes. Examples would be fashion blogs, opinion websites, political blogs and many others. This is the type of writing that people read just for fun and/or to gain general knowledge about the world around them.

Prescott Papers

There is one custom writing service that really stands out in both academic and business writing. Prescott Papers offers both of these types of writing in their services. Here are some reasons why you should choose them:

  1. All content will be original. There will not be any plagiarism on your college assignment. Your business plan will not look eerily similar to that of another business. Plagiarism is illegal, and the online writers at Prescott Papers understand this.

  2. For academic writing, Prescott Papers uses Ivy-League professors and graduates. These are writers who have graduated from the top educational institutions in the United States. They know how to write a great, concise paper that will get a high grade.

    For business writing, Prescott Papers uses industry experts who know how to use business writing to help increase the company’s finances, and also increase its customer base.

  3. Unlimited editing and revisions are free with any order from Prescott Papers, where it’s for academic or business purposes. We understand that your professor may ask you to make a change on a paper, or that your boss will tell you that changes need to be made on the business plan. We’ll be happy to make those changes for you for free. We’ll also do careful edits and revisions on our own to ensure that there are no mistakes.

  4. You can try out Prescott Papers with no money upfront, just so you can see what we are like. If you are unsure if Prescott Papers is right for your business or academic needs, this is the right step to take and one that we are proud to offer. We’ll start on the business or academic writing for you with no money. Then, you’ll get a custom preview of our work to help you make the decision to use our services.

  5. Anything you do with Prescott Papers is completely confidential. We value your privacy. This applies to both academic and business writing. For academic writing, your professor will never learn, at least not from us, that you didn’t write that wonderful research paper. For business writing needs, no other businesses that are competing with your business need to know that you are getting outside help on your business writing. We don’t reveal information about any of our clients, even to other clients.

  6. We accept rush orders, for those times when you’ve procrastinated. We do same day and overnight delivery, all online. We expect that this will apply to college students who’ve waited until the last minute to work on their assignment. But we’ll also do it for the low level employee who waited until the last minute to get to that customer service brochure that their boss wants by tomorrow.

  7. Human support is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week by phone and email. Representatives are available to answer your questions and address any issues regarding your academic writing or business writing order. This is because we value you as a customer.

Now, here is the most important benefit of all when you use Prescott Papers for your academic and business writing needs: You save time. For businesses, the time you save by having us work on your business documents can be spent working more with your employees, conducting training to help employees further develop their skills, and working on other aspects of your business. For college students, this means having more time to study for exams, read the assigned pages for your classes, and spend more time with your friends. Actually, having more time to relax is the most common reason people choose to use Prescott Services.

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