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A curriculum vita is most commonly used in academic circles. In fact, all professors have one. It’s a pretty extensive and detailed overview of your life accomplishments, your academic accomplishments in particular. The CV is longer than a resume, usually running about two to three pages.

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After seeing the CV Prescott Papers made, I can see why my old one was not getting so many responses. Specifically, the CV they wrote was way more concise. Nice use of color and style. Already got a call from a potential job. Going in to interview there on Wednesday. Hoping to hear back from some other places too.

Submitted by C. Soliz on 07 December, 2015

A curriculum vita contains the following elements:

  1. Your name and contact information

  2. Your education, starting from your undergraduate degree to your PhD. You will list the schools that you went to and the years you attended those schools.

  3. Your academic employment. This is where you will list your teaching jobs and professorships. You will also list any editorial and administrative jobs related to your academic career.

  4. A list of references

  5. A list of articles and books that you have written. If you have just graduated from grad school and are starting on your professional academic career, you will probably not have this information yet, and that’s ok. It is expected that your curriculum vitae will be updated on a regular basis as you gain more experience.

You can find examples of curriculum vitae, or CVs for short, at http://www.cvtips.com/resumes-and-cvs/cv-example.html . There are also examples at other websites that you can look at as well.

The following is a mock up showing how a portion of a curriculum vita may be formatted:



Phone number:


(this is the heading, and it obviously contains your name and contact information)

Education : (this is where you list the postsecondary degrees that you have earned. It is customary to list the highest level degree first)

PhD - Science Date degree was earned

Name of University

Name of Dissertation

MA – Science Date degree was earned

Name of University

BA – Science Date degree was earned

Name of University

Teaching and Advising: (This is where you would list out your history of teaching and advising jobs at Universities)

Most recent position dates employed

Name of University department or program; Name of University

List of duties, activities and accomplishments.

Research Experience: This is a listing and summary of your research experience

Name of research position dates employed

Name of department, Name of University.

The CV will also include the following sections:

Publications: This is a bibliography of writings, including books, articles and journals, that you have authored

Conference Presentations: - a listing of your presentations you’ve given at conferences.

Honors and Aware - The academic accolades that you have received.

References: People who speak about your academic career and character.

The curriculum vita is a very important document for anyone who is an academic professional, such as someone who is a professor at a University. The purpose is to give a detailed presentation of your academic background and qualifications. This can be helpful to students who are deciding whether or not to sign up for your class.

If you are still in graduate school, but are expecting to graduate with your Master’s and PhD in the next year, it is best that you work on your curriculum vita now. This is a process that can take a significant amount of time. You’ll have to do it in conjunction with your other academic obligations. One thing that a lot of graduate students do is pay a custom writing service to write their curriculum vitae for them. Prescott Papers is one such company that provides this service.

What are the benefits of using Prescott Papers curriculum vitae writers?

  1. Our curriculum vitae writers for hire are Ivy-League professors who have experience from writing their own curriculum vitae. They will write your curriculum vitae in the right format, with everything that needs to be included. You’ll just have to provide all the pertinent information in regards to your academic experience and qualifications in your order, and our elite writers will take care of the rest.

  2. The professional curriculum vitae writers for hire online used by Prescott Papers will not copy any curriculum vitae from the internet, and present it to you as an original. We do not condone that practice at Prescott Papers, and we expect our curriculum vitae writers for hire to have the same standards.

  3. Prescott Papers will only hire curriculum vitae writers who will take the time to edit and revise your curriculum vitae. You don’t have to worry about paying extra money for these edits and revisions. Unlimited edits and revisions are included with your curriculum vitae order. Also, if you feel a particular edit needs to be done, our writers will be happy to accommodate you.

  4. It is a guarantee that our curriculum writers for hire online will maintain confidentiality during and after working on your curriculum vitae.

  5. We’ll even accept rush orders on curriculum vitae. Just place the order with all the pertinent information, and one of our professional curriculum vitae writers for hire online will write it for you, and have it done within the same day.

  6. Our representatives are available 24/7 by email and phone to help you place your order for your curriculum vita. If you have questions about your order that need to be directed towards the curriculum vitae writers for hire online that are working on it, our support representatives will take of that as well.

If you are still indecisive about using our curriculum vitae writers for hire, you can try us out first without having to pay a dime. We’ll present a sample of the curriculum vita that we will write for you to help you feel more confident in choosing our services.

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