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A dissertation is an obligatory work for most PhD students. This is a very long and formal document that presents an argument defending a particular thesis. This defense must be backed up by extensive research. This is essentially an independent paper that can be as long as a book.

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The Dissertation

The process of a dissertation is very lengthy, taking up to two years of your PhD coursework. The following is a typical process for any dissertation, regarding of the area of study.

  1. First, you must decide on what your dissertation will be about. The focus needs to be on new research that has not been done before. You’ll want to have this discussion with one of the leading faculty members of your department, preferably one who will be a member of your dissertation committee.

  2. You’ll need to select the faculty member who will be the acting chair of your committee. They start out as an acting chair because most PhD programs require you to prepare a concept paper as part of your dissertation process.

  3. The concept paper is the next step in this process. This is when you will introduce the research you are conducting for the dissertation, how previous research and knowledge on the topic will be used and the methods that you will use during your research. It also need to include your plan that lists the resources you will need and how you will obtain these resources. At this point, you also need to give a timeline in your concept paper for completing the dissertation.

    Your committee should review your concept paper, and you’ll have to make any revisions that they request.

  4. At this point, you’ll need to choose your dissertation committee. The faculty member who was an acting chair before will now become the chair of said committee. Different PhD programs have different requirements for the makeup of your dissertation committee, so it’s important that you consider those requirements when making your selection. You should also rely on the advice of your committee chair.

  5. After the committee has been selected, you’ll need to prepare a proposal for the dissertation. This is an expansion of the concept paper you wrote before. You’ll have to give further detail on the type of research you’ll need to do for your dissertation and the methodology you will use to arrive at the results you are aiming for.

  6. After your committee approves your dissertation proposal. you’ll need to obtain the approval of the review board at your college or university before you can begin the research. At most universities, this board will be called the Institutional Review Board. You’ll have to fill out the proper forms. Universities consider this to be an ethical obligation, especially if your research involves interviewing human subjects.

  7. After you’ve gained the permission of the review board, you can start working on your actual research. This will be the longest part of the process. You’ll analyze your research and write about the research and the results in your dissertation paper. Then, you’ll have to carefully revise it so that it is logical, and that there are no errors.

  8. Once the final draft of your dissertation is complete, you’ll need to defend it to your dissertation committee. This is where you’ll present the findings from your research that are most significant. After the defense is done, you’ve completed your dissertation and can now call yourself a doctor.

The Need for Prescott Papers’ Dissertation Writers for Hire Online

As you can see above, the dissertation process is very lengthy. These graduate students don’t have just have their dissertation obligations to consider. Many PhD candidates have families at this point in their lives. They may also be teaching a course at the University while they are working on their dissertation. Because of this, there are times when a PhD candidate chooses to use professional dissertation writers for hire online at a custom writing service to help them write a dissertation.

One such custom writing service is Prescott Papers. There are dissertation writers for hire at Prescott Papers. Here is why you should pay to use them.

  1. Our dissertation writers for hire have graduated with a PhD from an Ivy-League school. They understand how to write a great dissertation that will impress your committee. They are familiar with the process of completing your dissertation, and will be able to work with you through each step of the process.

  2. The work that our dissertation writers for hire produce will be high in quality and substantial as a result. Most important of all, it will be completely unique, with no plagiarism. We only hire dissertation writers who do not engage, nor condone, in the practice of plagiarism.

  3. Your dissertation paper order comes with unlimited editing and revisions when you use our professional writers for hire online. This means you can work with us over a period of time to get a great dissertation paper written. You can even start working with us from the concept paper stage of the dissertation process.

  4. We maintain complete confidentiality. No one, especially the review board and your dissertation committee, needs to know that you had your dissertation paper written by one of our dissertation writers for hire.

  5. You’ll have complete 24/7 support by phone and email for your dissertation order – from implementation to beyond the final product. Our live representatives will be able to reach one of the dissertation writers for hire online and speak with them about your any concerns you have regarding your dissertation.

Overall, the dissertation writers for hire at Prescott Papers will be pleased to be given the opportunity to work with you on your dissertation.

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