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A thesis can be similar to a dissertation. In fact, thesis and dissertation are often used interchangeably. However, it’s the student aiming for the master’s degree that writes a thesis, while the PhD candidate writes the dissertation. Each has different requirements. A thesis is something that needs to be prove. It is an argument. We’ll focus on the thesis process as it relates to the Master degree candidate.

Whole year thesis project

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I spent about six months and thousands of $$$ on this project because they're worth it. I have a doctorate now. Writing quality was top notch. The writer was attentive to feedback and everything I needed was done promptly. I'm looking forward to post-academic life. I would like to thank everyone who helped out with this project. I really can't thank you enough.

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The Thesis Process

  1. You need to form a committee of faculty members at your University for your thesis. You’ll have to submit any required forms during this step in the process, because most graduate programs require approval from the program director of graduate studies, or someone with a similar title prior to forming a committee.

    Also, the requirements for your thesis committee differ depending on which school and graduate program you are enrolled in. You’ll have to pay careful attention to those requirements when selecting your committee members.

  2. You’ll need to prepare the thesis, and show your committee the type of work they can expect from you. You’ll need to show that you can do the research and think independently. The thesis is an independent work. You will also need to show how you will conduct the research, including the methods that will be used.

  3. Once your thesis is accepted, you can start working on the actual thesis itself. This includes doing the research as well as the actual writing. The paper will have to be structured in the standard way: Introduction, body, and conclusion. The ideas in your paper will need to be connected to each other. Your thesis will need to be well-organized and concise. It is advisable that you write up an outline first and work off of that.

  4. When you’ve written the dissertation and revised it, you’ll need to defend it to your committee. Once your committee approves your thesis, you just have to submit it, along with any required forms.

The thesis process can take a while. Maybe not as long as a dissertation, but there is still a lot of work involved. Many students who are going for their masters don’t only have just have their thesis to work on. They are taking other classes for their masters. Each of these classes have their own reading, writing and exam requirements. It is also more common for a graduate student to have a family already at this stage of their lives, and they are often working as well. In other words, these students are very busy, and the amount of work they have to do can get overwhelming. To help with this stress, many graduate students choose to use custom writing services, such as the ones provided by Prescott Papers, to help them with their thesis.

Prescott Papers

Why should you use the writers at Prescott Papers to write your thesis?

  1. Our thesis writers for hire graduated with a Master’s or higher level degree from an elite Ivy-League university. You’ll have someone who specializes in the topic your thesis is about write your thesis for you. We may even find someone who graduated with the same degree you are working towards finishing. You’ll get great, quality work from our thesis writers for hire online because these are people who have been there before and know the work that goes into writing a great thesis.

  2. You’ll also get a thesis from our professional thesis writers for hire that is 100% original, with no plagiarism. We don’t condone this practice at all because we know it can ruin your reputation with your thesis committee.

  3. You will get unlimited editing and revisions for free. Our thesis writers for hire will carefully edit and revise the work that they do for you. They will also put in any revisions that you request, because you will have revisions that will need to be made. No thesis is perfect the first time it is written.

  4. Are you worried that someone, particularly your school and thesis committee, will find out you didn’t actually write your thesis, and that you chose to hire thesis writers from Prescott Papers to do it? Well, they won’t find out from us and that is a promise. We, and that includes our thesis writers for hire, value confidentiality and maintain it no matter what. We value your sincerity and trust and wish to showcase those same values.

  5. Support by phone and email is available for your thesis order – no matter what day of the week, or time of day it is. You’ll be able to reach a representative who can get in contact with the professional thesis writers for hire online who are working on your thesis if you ever have any questions for them, or need to have them address any concerns that you have. We believe in maintaining constant communication with all our clients.

Having thesis writers for hire online write your thesis is a great way to save time. You’ll have more time to work on your other assignments and study for the harder exams you’ll have in graduate school, while we work on your thesis. Plus, we have a no money upfront policy, so you can try our thesis writers for hire for free and have a chance to see the type of thesis they can write for you. This will help you if you are still on the fence about using our services for your thesis.

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